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  • Intelligent Automatic Touch-Screen Control Oxygen Index Tester

    Intelligent Automatic Touch-Screen Control Oxygen Index Tester

    Intelligent Automatic Touch-Screen Control Oxygen Index Tester

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  • Intelligent Full-automatic Touch Screen Control Oxygen Index Tester

    Technical parameters

    1. Using imported oxygen sensor, the digital display does not need to calculate the oxygen concentration, the accuracy is higher and more accurate, the range is 0-100%

    2. Digital resolution: ±0.1%

    3. Measurement accuracy: 0.1

    4. Touch screen setup program automatically adjusts oxygen concentration

    5.One-key calibration accuracy

    6. One-touch ratio concentration

    7. Oxygen concentration stable automatic alarm sound

    8. With timing function

    9. Can store experimental data

    10. Can query historical data

    11. Clear historical data

    12. Choose whether to burn 50mm

    13. Air source failure prompt

    14. Oxygen sensor failure tips

    15. Oxygen and Nitrogen Misconnection Prompt

    16.Oxygen sensor aging tips

    17. Standard oxygen concentration input

    18.The diameter of the combustion cylinder can be set (two common specifications are optional)

    19.Flow adjustment range: 0-20L/min (0-1200L/h)

    20.Quartz glass cylinder: Choose one of two sizes (internal diameter ≥75mm or internal diameter ≥85mm)

    21. Gas flow rate in combustion cylinder: 40mm±2mm/s

    22. Overall dimensions: 650mm×400×830mm

    23.Pressure gauge accuracy level 2.5, resolution: 0.01MPa

    24.Test environment: ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 40 °C;, relative humidity: ≤ 70%;

    25.Input pressure: 0.25-0.3MPa

    26.Working pressure: Nitrogen 0.15-0.20Mpa Oxygen 0.15-0.20Mpa

    27. Sample holders can be used for soft and hard plastics, various types of building materials, textiles, fire doors, etc.

    28. Propane (butane) ignition system, the ignition nozzle is made of a metal pipe, and the end has a nozzle with an inner diameter of Φ2±1mm, which can be bent freely. Can be inserted into the combustion cylinder to ignite the sample, flame length: 16±4mm, size 5mm-60mm can be freely adjusted,

    29. Gas: Industrial nitrogen, oxygen, purity >99%; (customer-supplied / normal gas station industrial oxygen purity is generally between 99.2% -99.3%).

    30.Power Requirements: AC220 (+10%) V, 50HZ

    31.The maximum power used: 150W

    32.Self-supporting material sample holder: It can be fixed on the axial position of the combustion cylinder and can vertically clamp the sample.

    33. Non-self-supporting material sample holder: The two vertical sides of the sample can be fixed on the frame at the same time (Optional / applied to soft and non-self-supporting materials such as textiles)

    The design standard

     ASTM D 2863, ISO 4589-2, ISO 4589-3, NES 714, NES 715

    Tips: Oxygen index tester requires not less than 98% of each industrial-grade oxygen/nitrogen bottle as the gas source. Because the above gas is a high-risk transport product, it cannot be provided as an oxygen index analyzer fitting, and it can only be used locally by users. Gas station purchase. (To ensure the purity of the gas, please purchase it at the local regular gas station)

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