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  • DIN 54837 Large Combustion Box

    DIN 54837 Large Combustion Box

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  • DIN 54837 Large Combustion Box Suitable for Flammability Grades S2 to S5

    Product introduction

    DIN 54837 Large combustion chambers are based on the method defined by the German Standardization Institute's Rail Vehicle Standards Committee (FSF) DIN 54837 standard, and the combustion characteristics of rail locomotive materials and accessories under the influence of gas burners using wide-mouth sleeves, Determine the length of the sample destroyed by the flame, the complete burning time, the development of the flue gas and the burning characteristics of the drip.

    Tested to DIN 54837, it is useful for product classification according to DIN 5510-2 for flammability, smoke formation and dripping properties.

    Technical parameters 

    1. Large combustion test box with double transparent observation window, in line with standard DIN 50050-2;

    2. The internal dimensions of the box are 1350 X 800 X 800mm, and the overall height of the combustion box is 3.2 meters;
    3. The bottom of the box is made of stainless steel square grille, which can be evenly and naturally ventilated. The size of the grille is 30 X 30mm and the height is 30mm.
    4. Equipped with an anemometer to measure wind speed, the range is 0-10m / s, the accuracy is 0.1m / s;
    5. Burning test box, three K-type thermocouples are installed in the exhaust pipe, the measuring range is 0-300 degrees, and the precision is 0.1 degree;
    6. Digital display temperature meter, can display the average temperature of three thermocouples in the exhaust pipe, the accuracy is 0.1 degrees;
    7. The test box base is 800 X 800 X 800 mm;

    Product Feature and Application

    1.Install 6 time counters, which can record ignition time, smoldering time, afterburning time, maximum flame height time, dripping time and burning time.

    2.Equipped with stainless steel calibration plate, 3 K-type thermocouples on the back, temperature range 0-900 degrees, used to calibrate the burner flame temperature;
    3.Equipped with 3 temperature display instruments, can display three points calibration temperature on the calibration board, the accuracy is 0.1 degrees;
    4.Equipped with a wide-mouth burner device and a manual sliding track;
    5.Equipped with three stainless steel sample holders, which can be hung on the sample holder;
    6.Equipped with a smoke density measuring system, including an incandescent light source and a silicon photodiode;
    7.The incandescent lamp is a 2896K light source;
    8.The silicon photodiode is equipped with a cosine calibration device and a color filter, which has a high degree of human eye matching;
    9.Equipped with data acquisition system, using 232 communication interface, can be connected with the computer, the test software can display the transmittance value, the absorption rate value, and the standard transmittance curve can be drawn at the same time.

    Application:Applicable to flammability grades S2 to S5; smoke density grades SR1 and SR2 grade (light attenuation integral); droplet state ST1 & ST2 grade.

    Product Details

    Standards:DIN 5510-2,DIN 54837

    Dimension:1050mm (W) x 3200mm x (H) x 850mm (D)

    Installation requirements

    Power requirements: 220 V, 10 Amps, 5A
    Ambient temperature: 10 ° C to 35 ° C
    Combustion gas: propane

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