• Visit from TÜV SÜD Hong Kong Ltd
  • May 4th,2018,  Senior Test Engineer from TÜV SÜD Hong Kong Ltd came to visit our company and inspected the product-Mouth Actuated Durability Tester.

    Established in Germany over 150 years ago, TÜV SÜD is one of the world's leading technical service providers offering testing, certification, inspections, knowledge services, and expert opinions. Approximately 24,000 employees at over 1,000 locations worldwide provide technology, system and know-how optimization.

    Our Gerenal manager performed the product Mouth-Actuated Durability Tester to the Engineer TÜV SÜD Hong Kong Ltd. Our Mouth Actuated Durability Tester with Relif valve, once the output pressure is more than 13.8kpa the relief valve will release the pressure.It completely complies with requirement of EN71-1 and ASTM F963,ISO8124-1 standards.

    After reviewing and inspecting the product, TUV's technician is satisfied with the quality, our product conforms to the standard they required completely.

    (inspect machine)

    Our company general manager leads TÜV SÜD Hong Kong Ltd technical visit the laboratory (toy testing equipment,)They discussed other standards of toy tester. And other ASTM and EN-71 standards Toys Testing Equipment also conform their requirements.The technician fully affirmed of the development of SKYLINE, and made a reasonable proposal.

     (inspect machine)                                                                     

    Finally, our company manager thanked the TÜV SÜD Hong Kong Ltd 's business support and his comments.

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