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  • UV Aging Test Chamber 450 X 450 X 450mm , Programmable Ozone Test Chamber

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  • Ozone Test chamber is used for testing rubber and polymer.

    Ozone aging test chamber is a major factor in rubber cracking although it is rare in the atmosphere, ozone aging tank simulates and enhance the condition of ozone in the atmosphere to study the effects of ozone on rubber, and then identify and evaluate the method to resist ozone and aging for rubber, adopt effective anti-aging measures to enhance the life of rubber products.Put the sample in certain density ozone environment, after having certain discoloration or the scheduled time and compare with the standard card.

    Applications of Ozone Test Chamber: 
    • Accelerated Aging Studies
    • Product Quality Control
    • Research & Development
    • Quality Assurance

    OZ air series "ozone test chambers" are manufactured with flexibility for testing with following standards 
    • ASTM D 518 IS-3400 (Part-20)
    • ASTM D 1149 ISO 1431-1 : 1989
    • ASTM D 1171
    • ASTM D 3395
    • ASTM D 4575
    • BIS, ISO, DIN, MIL
    Stainless chamber walls are sealed with high-grade fiber gasket to assure leak proof operation
    Ozone concentration 50
    Test chamber temperature RT
    surface temperature fluctuations degrees + /-0.5

    Load 10 kg 
    Dimension of test chamber 450X450X450mm
    External dimension 950x1450x950 mm


    Equipment by the occurrence of silent and efficient ozone generator ozone gas, and a certain amount of air processed, the switch in the mixture into the chamber, the continuous line UV detector to detect the concentration of ozone, ozone generator control feedback to the systems to control system settings according to the occurrence of effective control of ozone to the ozone chamber to maintain the appropriate concentration of work by heating humidification systems to meet all the test conditions.


    Applicable industries:

    It is widely used to control products quality in measuring quality control; Rubber & Plastics; automobile production; wire and cable; packing materials; instruments and meters; medical equipment; civilian nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; research laboratories; inspection arbitration, and technical supervision departments and other rubber products.
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