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  • Safety Nets Flammability(Flame Retardant) Tester

    Safety Nets Flammability(Flame Retardant) Tester

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  • Touch Screen Control Safety Nets Flammability(flame retardant) Tester



    It is suitable for different safety nets, Fine mesh safety vertical net flammability resistance Performance.


    Technical parameters

    1. Touch screen display / control

    2. The equipment is divided into two parts: touch screen control box and combustion box. The size of the combustion box is 330*330*765mm.

    3. The front part of the combustion box is a tempered glass observation door

    4. The top of the box is evenly distributed with 16 vent holes, the inner diameter is 12.5mm; there are 6 vent holes on both sides of the combustion box, and the inner diameter is 12.5mm.

    5. Top of the box is attached to the top

    6. The top of the box is equipped with a hanging clamp, and the bottom of the style clamp is located 17mm above the highest point of the igniter nozzle.

    7. The inner diameter of the igniter nozzle is 11mm, and the head and the vertical line are at an angle of 25°. Ignition time: accurate to 0.05s

    8. Gas source: industrial grade propane, butane or propane / butane mixed gas, using methane gas with a purity of not less than 97% when the sample is pretreated according to 7.3

    9. Sample size: 500±5

    10. Ambient temperature: -10 ° C ~ 30 ° C

    11. Power supply voltage and power: 220V±10% 50HZ Power less than 100W

    12. Single-chip control, digital display automatic timing

    13. Bunsen burner flame time 0-99M99S, can be arbitrarily set, accuracy ± 0.01s

    14. Yu Yan, afterglow time: the longest 0-99M99S

    15. Bunsen burner blue flame height: 15mm-175mm can be adjusted freely, with flame height scale

    16. Bunsen burner automatic ignition time: arbitrary setting

    17. Touch screen related parameters:

    a. Size: 7 inches Effective display size Length 15.5cm Width 8.6cm;

    b. Resolution: 800*480

    c. Communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port mode

    d. Storage capacity: 1G

    e. Use pure hardware FPGA driver display, “zero” startup time, run on power

    f. Using M3+FPGA architecture, M3 is responsible for command parsing, FPGA focuses on TFT display, speed and reliability are leading the same scheme

    g. The main controller uses a low-power processor to automatically enter the energy-saving mode.


    Design standards

    GB 5725-2009 safe net


    Applicable standards

    GB5455-2014 "Textiles Combustion performance Vertical release Damage length, smoldering and afterflame time determination"

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