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  • IS 16805: 2018 Battery Extrusion And Acupuncture AIO Machine

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  • Description:

    The battery extrusion and needling machine is suitable to simulate the situation of battery extrusion during the use, transportation, storage or disposal of household waste. The battery is qualified without explosion and fire.

    Parameter of extrusion:


    Hydraulic drive

    Battery extrusion head (plate)

    tandard round extruded plate, easy to unload and replace (diameter 150mm)

    Extrusion degree

    Extrusion continues until the actual pressure reaches 13kN±0.2kN, and the pressure is maintained for 1min. Once the pressure is reached, the equipment will automatically release the pressure and complete the extrusion;


    Pressure range

    1 kN ~20kN (commonly used 13 kN)

    Pressure display accuracy

    0.1N, sensor resolution: 1/10,000

    Unit conversion

    kg, N, lb

    Data sampling frequency

    80/ second

    Compression space


    Extrusion stroke of machine



    Parameters of acupuncture:

    High temperature resistant steel needle

    ф2mm—ф8mm, Length 100mm

    Tip distance from bottom the battery plane


    Clip distance



    10—40mm/s,from the direction perpendicular to the battery plate (the pin stays in the battery)

    penetrating power



    Pressure sensing LCD display

    Effective cylinder stroke



    Hydraulic drive


    Made into box-type equipment device

    explosion-proof, fire prevention, corrosion

    resistance, easy to clean

    Inner box material

    Stainless steel and in the box 1/3 place with teflon

    sol cloth, high temperature resistance, corrosion

    resistance, insulation and easy to clean

    Delay function

    0-99(H/M/S can be arbitrarily set and adjust the test time)

    Power supply

    AC220V 50HZ 13A





    IS 16805: 2018, GB31241-2014MT/T 1051 SAE,QC/T473/744     

    Which device is used for testing the battery?

    A battery tester is an electronic device intended for testing the state of an electric battery, going from a simple device for testing the charge actually present in the cells and/or its voltage output, to a more comprehensive testing of the battery's condition, namely its capacity for accumulating charge

    What happens if you crush a lithium-ion battery?

    Broken or cracked cases can allow moisture and oxygen to enter the battery and oxidize the lithium components, causing a heat reaction. This can lead to fires or explosions. Overheating, overcharging and shock from dropping or crushing can also cause heat reactions to occur.

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