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  • SL-SF13 Welding Pull Tester

    SL-SF13 Welding Pull Tester

    SL-SF13 Welding Pull Tester

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  • Spectacle Frames Tester Welding Pull Tester

    Detailed Product Description

    Machine Weight: 100kg Machine Size: 500×400×1300mm
    Test Speed Range: 50-300 Mm/min Stepless Speed Display Mode: Touch Screen Control
    Effective Test Width: 150mm Stretch Space Effectively: 800mm
    High Light:

    Touch Screen Control Tensile Testing Machine


    Electronic Table Type Tensile Testing Machine


    300mm/min Tensile Testing Machine

    Main functions of Lab testing equipment:

    This machine is suitable for various materials and products in textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, adhesive products, plastic film, composite materials, electronics, metal and other industries to conduct tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling (90 degrees and 180 degrees), tearing and other tests to determine the product quality.

    This machine is a simple tensile testing machine with simple structure and convenient operation. It can be placed on the workbench for testing. The touch screen control system is adopted to control the rotation of the variable frequency motor, and then drive the T-shaped screw to drive the load inductor to rise and fall after the speed change mechanical mechanism decelerates to complete the tensile or compression test of the sample. The force value is output by the sensor, fed back to the display, and the test displacement is displayed in real time. It can realize the test of force setting value, positioning displacement, etc.

    It can store the results of 10 test reference points, automatically calculate their average value, automatically grab the maximum value, and the force value when breaking.

    The machine includes a thermal printer, which can automatically output test results.

    Welding Pull Tester Technical parameters:


    Capicity selection(kg)      5,10,20,50,100,200 can be selected
    Force measuring accuracy Within ± 1% of the indicated value
    Display mode Touch screen control
    Unit switching Kg,lb,N
    Data sampling frequency 200times/sec
    Resolution of testing machine The maximum load is 1/± 25000 yards, and the internal and external are not graded, and the overall resolution is unchanged
    Load cell Basic configuration: tension and compression sensors (maximum load)
    Effective test width 150mm
    Stretch space effectively 800mm
    Test speed range 50-300 mm/min stepless speed regulation and 5-gear constant speed (special test speed can also be customized according to customer requirements)
    Displacement measurement accuracy Within ± 1% of the indicated value
    Breakpoint ratio setting 0~99%,the user can set proper break down time according to different materials
    Test bench safety device Up and down stroke limiting device
    Overload protection The machine is automatically protected when the maximum load exceeds 10%
    Fixture configuration One set of stretching clamp
    Machine size 500×400×1300mm
    Machine weight 100 Kg
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