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  • SL-S27 Gauss Meter

    SL-S27 Gauss Meter

    SL-S27 Gauss Meter

    SL-S27 Gauss Meter

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  • Gauss Meter

    Product information

    Easy to use, simple operation, is KANETEC through the production of magnetic products accumulated in the course of experience and success developed a manual test electronic display type Gauss Meter.In addition to the original features, the new models to increase the output of the RS232 interface, can also buy cable will determine the data transfer to a personal computer.

    indicate range 0-1500MT

    Technical parameters

    Digital and analog output terminals (external output terminal) are provided.
    By connecting an optional cable (Model TM-701 DTC) to an external output terminal, digital (or analog) data can be           transmitted to a personal computer.
    The probe has been reduced in width further to enable measurement in a very limited space.
    Small size and light weight.
    Large and easy-to-read display.
    The alternate magnetic flux density, in addition to direct magnetic flux density, can be measured.(50/60 Hz)
    A wide measuring range from 0 to 1500 mT (0 - 15,000 G). (Direct current)
    The high resolution measuring mode ensures more accurate measurement. (Resolution 0.01 mT =0.1 G)
    The unit of display can be changed over between “mT ”and “G ”.
    High dustproof by use of sheet keys.
    The auto power off function prevents useless waste of the battery.
    The probes can be replaced without troublesome calibration.
    Function of zero-level
    Max Auto Power Off
    Temperature 0 - +40 ℃
    Power 1.5Vx4
    Volume size 140 × 64 × 30mm

    Standard Accessories probe, batteries, soft leather bag

    What is a Gaussmeter?

    A Gauss Meter can measure the direction and the intensity of small (relatively) magnetic fields. For larger magnetic fields, a Tesla Meter, is used, which is similar, but it measures in larger Tesla units. A Gauss Meter comprises a gauss probe/sensor, the meter and a cable connecting both.

    What is gauss gauge used for?

    The gauss meter is a reliable measuring device for measuring the existing magnetic field. This gauss meter is suitable for measuring both static/permanent magnet (DC) and alternating magnetic (AC) fields.

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