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    Heat Transfer Index Test Apparatus

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  • CSN EN 367/ ISO 9151 Fire Testing Equipment Heat Transfer Index Test Apparatus


    Product information

    The convective heat resistance test device is developed according to EN367 and ISO9151 test standards, and meets the requirements of the convective heat resistance test standard of domestic AQ 6103-2007 welder protective gloves. The test results are thermal protection index (HTI). The principle of the test is to measure the test time required for the back temperature of the sample to rise 12 or 24 degrees by the impact of flame on the bottom of the sample. The average value of the three tests is recorded as thermal protection index (HTI), which is used to evaluate the thermal protection performance of the protective clothing fabric.


    Performance characteristics

    1. The convective heat resistance test device consists of a burner, a heat resistant shield, a copper calorimeter and a test stand.

    2. The heat-resistant shield plate and the sample clamping device are operated by pneumatic device and can be automatically controlled by software.

    3. The heat radiation flux of the burner is 80KW/, and the flame impact on the bottom of the sample is carried out.

    4. Copper plate calorimeter is installed on the top of the sample, and the temperature rise of the back of the sample is recorded from time to time.

    5. The air-cooled cooling device of copper calorimeter can greatly shorten the test time.

    6. The software automatically records the test time of the copper calorimeter from 25 degrees to 12 seconds and 24 seconds.

    7. The software automatically records three test times and calculates the average value, that is, the heat transfer index HTI.

    8. Test software automatically corrects the heat flux of copper calorimeter.


    Testing Standards: AQ 6103 ,ISO 9151:1995, CSN EN 367:1992

    Application: Safety Protection

    Size: 600mm (W) X 100mm (H) X 600mm (D)

    Weight: 27KG

    Installation requirements

    Electrical requirements: 220V, 50HZ;

    Gas Source Requirements: Propane and Air Compressor Gas

    Testing environment: 25 +5.

    Installation: Fume hood placement

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