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  • ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter

    ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter

    ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter

    ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter

    ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter

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  • ISO5660 Cone Calorimeter Analysis Instrument For Heat Release


    Instrument introduction
    The cone calorimeter is derived from the oxygen consumption of a rectangular sample (100mm×10mm) tested by Dr. Vytenis Babrauskas at a heat radiation value of 100KW/m2.
    The cone calorimeter is based on the principle of oxygen consumption of material combustion. The heat released per 1Kg of oxygen is about 13.1MJ. It measures the heat release of the material, ignition time, oxygen consumption, CO and CO2 production, and the flow of combustion gas. 
    The cone calorimeter strictly conforms to the size of the laboratory, and the automatic control unit designed by the test software is convenient for the user to operate. In addition, he uses a 17-inch touch screen computer, which is fully compliant with international standards.


    Standards compliant
    -ISO 5660 fire reaction test, heat release rate, smoke rate and mass loss rate;
    -ASTM E1354 Determination of heat and visible smoke release rate of materials and products using an oxygen consumption calorimeter;
    -BS 476 Pt.15 combustion and structure test of building materials, determination of product heat release rate;


    Technical parameters

     Power supply voltage  AC220V AC 50Hz
     Maximum operating power  ≥5KW
     Cone heater power  ≤5KW
     Heat output heat  0~120KW/m2
     The maximum placement of the sample box  100mm × 100mm × 50mm
     Exhaust flow rate  0.012m3/s~0.035 m3/s (adjustable)
     Timing value resolution  1s error <1s/n
     Oxygen analysis  paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, concentration range 0-25%
     Smoke density analysis  (optional)
     Infrared analyzer  CO: 0-1% CO2: 0-10% (optional)


    Product Features and Application

    1.Cone Calorimeter with movable analysis cabinet, can be connected with a large heat release rate test system such as ISO 9705, EN 13823 etc, complied with ISO 5660, ASTM E1354,BS 476 Part 15 etc. testing standards.
    2.Integrated test body and 19 inches analysis cabinet, embedded PC 15 Inch Touch screen computer, for the whole control and automatic testing.
    3.Conical heater rated power 5000W, the heat output of 0 ~ 100kW/m2, using PID temperature controller, while the radiation cone can be horizontal or vertical.
    4.Exposed to the central part of the surface of the sample 50 x 50mm range, radiation at the center of the deviation is not more than 2%.
    5.The sample weighing range 0 ~ 3000g; accuracy: 0.1g.
    6.Auto Split Shutter automatically opened to transmit radiation to the sample.
    7.ABB EL3020 Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, using the method of paramagnetic change to measure the concentration of oxygen in the gas. Concentration range of 0-25%.
    8.Smoke density analysis using laser system, the system consists of a 0.5mW He Ne laser, the main detector and auxiliary detector.
    The exhaust system consists of the fan, the smoke collection cover, the exhaust pipe and orifice plate flow meter and so on. Exhaust fan flow rate of 0 ~ 50g/s, precision 0.1g/s.
    9.Ring sampler have been installed from the smoke collecting hood at 685 mm, with 12 holes.
    10.The exhaust flow rate should be determined by measuring the pressure difference on both sides of the sharp edge orifice 350 mm above the fan, the inner diameter of the sharp
    edge orifice plate is 57mm + 1mm.
    11.ABB SCC-S Gas sampling system comprises sampling pump, filter, cold trap, waste water discharge, water filters and CO2 filters;
    Portable water cooling system without need for waterworks and plumbing when using the Heat Flux meter (for ISO 5660).
    12.In order to calibrate the response of the whole test system, the use of a square opening brass calibration burner, used to measure the value of C- coefficient.
    13.The data acquisition system be able to record oxygen analyzer, orifice meter, thermocouple and other instruments of the output.

    Application: Suitable for testing the heat release rate of building materials, Rail,Wire Cable


    Product Details of the Cone Calorimeter

    The name of Cone Calorimeter is derived from the conical heater as used by Dr. Vytenis Babrauskas to inspect test specimen (100mm x 100mm) with flux up to 100kW/m2 for the bench scale oxygen depletion of his development. Cone Calorimeter test is based on the theory that pure combustion calories are in proportion to a necessary amount of oxygen for combustion and 13.1 MJ/kg is generated whenever oxygen 1kg is consumed, and heat emission, ignition time, oxygen consumption, CO and CO2 generation, and flow of ignited gases as generated from test materials are measured.


    ASTM:ASTM D6113,ASTM E1354,ASTM E1740,ASTM F1550
    BS:BS 476-15
    ISO:ISO 5660
    EN:EN 45545-2: 2013
    GB:GB/T 16172:2007


    Installation Requirements

    Electrical: 230 volts Nominal 50 Amps
    Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C
    Dimensions: Apparatus: 1800mm (W) x 900mm x (H) x 2600mm (D)
    Gas Supplies:Methane, Nitrogen, Compressed Air

    ISO 5660 Cone Gauge Calorimeter 0

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