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  • Mask Flame Retardant Tester​


    Product Introduction

    This mask flame retardant tester is developed according to GB2626 and is used to test the fire retardant performance of masks. The applicable standards are: GB2626 GB19082 GB19083 GBT32610 YY0469 YYT0969, etc.


    Technical parameters

    1. The mask head mold is made of metal and simulates human facial features according to the ratio of 1: 1.

    2.Burner height adjustable

    3.Automatic positioning timing

    4. Display afterflame time

    5. Equipped with flame sensor

    6. Head mold moving speed : (60 ± 5) mm / s

    7.Diameter of flame temperature detection needle 1.5mm

    8. Flame temperature adjustment range: 750-950 ℃

    9. Accuracy of afterburning time : 0.1S

    10.Power source:220V 50HZ

    11. Gas: propane or liquefied petroleum gas


    Operation interface introduction

    Test interface

    220V Flammability Testing Equipment Mask Flame Retardant Tester

    Positioning: Click on the head mold to stop above the torch to adjust the direct distance between the torch and the head mold

    Run: The head mold starts to move toward the torch and stops after reaching the other position

    Exhaust: open and close the exhaust fan on the box

    Gas: Open and close the gas passage

    Ignition: start high pressure ignition

    Lamp: Turn on and off the lighting inside the box

    Save: Save the test data after the test is completed

    Timer: Recording the after burning time

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