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  • SL-T803 Single Column Microcomputer Tensile Test Machine

    SL-T803 Single Column Microcomputer Tensile Test Machine

    SL-T803 Single Column Microcomputer Tensile Test Machine

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  • Single Column Microcomputer Tensile Tester

    It is widely used in wire and cable, hardware, electronic and electrical equipment, packaging, printing, medical equipment, auto parts, textiles and leather, clothing, shoes, rubber and plastic products, colleges and universities; research laboratories; inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments and many other industries, it is the basic equipment for quality management and physical tested
    Desktop Microcomputer Tensile Tester

     Capacity (optional) 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg
     Unit (Switchable) G, KG,  N,  LB
     Load Resolution 1/100,000
     Load Accuracy  < ± 0.5%
    Stroke (exclude the grips)    600~800mm or Customized
     Stroke Resolution  0.5 mm
     Sample Rate  16 times/sec
     Test speed    50~300 mm/min selectable
     Weight (exclude the grips)  75 Kg
    Display LCD   ( linkable to PC )
     Motor AC motor   with variable freq. drive
     Dimension(W×D×H)-Main Unit  500×440×1500mm 
    Power 1ø  220V/ 3A
     Accessories Tensile grips    1 set

     Design Standards:  ASTM D903; GB/T16491; GB/T1040; GB/T8808; GB13022; GB/T 2790/2791/2792; CNS-11888; JIS-K6854; PSTC-7
     1. Adopting windows platform, and all the parameter settings can be processed in the dialog box, and it operates easily;
     2. Using a single-screen operation; do not need to switch the screen;
     3. With three languages in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English, the software interface can be switched easily;
     4. The pattern of Test reports can be self-designated; test data can be displayed directly in the main screen;
     5. Choosing translational, comparative mode at the same time to make a number of curve data comparison;
     6. With a variety of measurement units, Measure In Imperial & Metric are switchable;
     7. With self-return & auto-correction function;
     8. With automatic magnification function, in order to achieve the most appropriate size of the graphics;
     9. With the user-defined Test methods; with experimental data analysis function;
    10. High quality, accurate and reliable models with reasonable price.


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