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  • Stainless Steel Flammability Testing Equipment

    Stainless Steel Flammability Testing Equipment

    Stainless Steel Flammability Testing Equipment

  • detailed description
  • Introduction of instruments:

     The roof combustion test system is an instrument for simulates real conditions to assess the fire resistance of roofs and components.Under this circumsance of A1.82m,B 2.4m and C 3.9m to grade A~C grade for evaluating the sample. At the same time, it can be applied to the test of the flame retardancy of the photovoltaic cell components.


    Technical parameters:

    ASTM E 108     Flammability test of roof coating material

    UL790                Flammability test of roof coating material

    NFPA 256         Flammability test of roof coating material
    IEC 61730-2      Photovoltaic cell assembly ,Appendix A ,Fire protection test, Flame propagation


    Main features:

    a. Plywood roofing material, size: 1300 (W) x 1000 (D) x 120 (H), used for the installation of test samples.

    b. A non flammable test board that installed at the end of the test board can prevent the backfire from under the test board.

    c. Stainless steel fan-shaped board can adjust the test angle, the size is: 1440 (L) x 940 (H) mm.

    d. The main frame is used to support the test support and is a corrosion resistant steel structure, the size is: 1020 (L) x 1000 (D) x 1473 (H) mm.

    e. Incombustible board assembly mounted on the front end of the frame simulated eaves and cornices and the flame from burner to extend the sample,the size is: 330 (W) x 2130 (D) x 584 (H) mm.

    f. The air flow rate of the test panel is 19 + 8 km/h (5.5m/sec) and configured the anemometer monitoring.

    g. The independent convulsions pipe can extract air from the outside of the laboratory.

    h. The air duct is equipped with a honeycomb filter and a gas inlet to install the guide leaf.

    i. The adjustable turbulence sheet in a duct that strengthens wind speed and reduces turbulence. The stainless steel will not change the position with the change of the wind pressure.

    j. The air duct material is made of stainless steel with anticorrosion and high temperature resistance,The size is: 2130 (W) x 762 (H) x 3000 (L) mm.

    k. The fan is 220V, 50HZand three-phase. The wind speed can be adjusted automatically with the reverse system. The minimum flow rate is 300m3/min.

    l. The reverser has the function of infinitely variable speed, which can adjust the function between 0-100%.

    m. Gas burners (for intermittent fire, flame propagation and flying brand test)1.12M long, 60.3mm diameter and on the side of the test panel has a 12.7mm width 0.91M long slit.

    n. The gas burner can provide 22000Btu/min (387kWh) and can automatically adjust the gas flow rate according to three kinds of combustion grades of A, B and C.

    o. The automatic ignition system ensures the safety of the test.And the minimum high pressure of the ignition electrode is the 1.8kVp mass flow meter, which controls the gas flow rate according to the different standards. Class A & B: 21000 ~ 22000 Btu/min (369 ~ 387 kWh) 10 minutes, Class C: 18000 ~ 19000 Btu/min (316 ~ 334 kWh) 4 minutes.

    p. The data acquisition system is written in LabView program language. And the data acquisition board is provided to the NI company of the United States.

    q. The data acquisition system consists of the following parts:

    16 bit Thermocouple Input Module

    16 bit module conversion input module

    Data input and output module

    12 bit module conversion output module

    4 and 8 trough backplates

    Labview time module

    Labview time / Ethernet module

    r. Computer system

    s. The Brand test system provides a gas burner with a flame capable of swallowing the burning material and the gas burner temperature can be adjusted to 880± 10 C

    t. A metal mesh can support the material and the tray is rotatable to facilitate the full combustion of material.
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