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  • SL-S18T BS EN ISO 6940 Textile Vertical Flammability Tester

    SL-S18T BS EN ISO 6940 Textile Vertical Flammability Tester

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  • ISO 6940 Flammability Testing Equipment Fabrics Vertical Flammability Testing Equipment


    Vertical Flammability Tester , to determine the flammability resistance of vertical oriented fabrics, and 45°inclined fabrics material for toys, other material to making toys and soft-filling toy.


    The gas is controlled by a solenoid valve, ignition time is digitally set and test result is displayed on large LCD. The improved marker threads mounting devices ensure easy and fast installation, with accurate burner and micro switch operated trip threads. 3 optical scanning devices are used to detect the severance of threads to offer accurate and reliable timing.

    ISO6940 Textile Fabrics Vertical Burning Tester is used for testing the textile fabrics burining behaviour.Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens.
    It is also applicable to all kinds of textile material of flammability test;



    • The ignition time setting range: 0 ~ 99.99 s
    • The combustion timing range: 0 ~ 999.9 s
    • Fire mouth Angle: with the horizontal Angle: 0 ° / 30 °, 90 ° can be adjusted
    • The test flame height: 20 mm / 40 mm
    • Specimen holders:12 pcs
    • Marker Threads 45 tex to 50 tex
    • Combustion gas: commercial grade propane or butane or butane/propane mixtures
    • Volume (WxDxH) : 80X55x66cm
    • Weight (about) : 45 kg
    • Power supply: 1∮ AC 220V 50Hz

    Test Standards
     BS EN ISO 6940,EN ISO 6941GB/T 5456, GB/T 5456,8745, GB/T 8746

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