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  • Professional Environmental Test Chamber UV Lamp Tester With Automatic Sprinkler Function

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    (UV), which is used to control the damage of the material, such as discoloration, brightness, strength, cracking, peeling, pulverization, oxidation, etc., in combination with temperature, High temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark rain cycle and other factors, while the synergies between ultraviolet light and moisture makes the material a single light resistance or a single ability to reduce or failure of wet resistance, which is widely used for material resistance Climate performance evaluation, equipment has to provide the best sun UV simulation, the use of low maintenance costs, easy to use, the equipment used to control the automatic operation, the test cycle of high degree of automation, light stability, test results, high reproducibility.


    Structural material:

    test chamber space

    450 × 1170 × 500mm


    550 × 1300 × 1480mm

    unit material

    304 stainless steel inside and outside

    the sample rack

    aluminum frame frame as the board

    control device

    RKC intelligent controller

    irradiation tube

    UVA-340 8 each side of a total of 4 sides

    power leakage circuit breaker control circuit overload short-circuit alarm, over-temperature alarm, water protection


    Technical Parameters:

    the temperature range

    RT +10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

    the humidity range

    ≥ 90% RH

    the temperature uniformity

    ± 1 ℃

    the temperature fluctuation

    ± 0.5 ℃

    the center distance of the lamp


    the distance between the test object and the lamp

    50 ± 3mm


    1.0W / m2 adjustable

    light, condensation, spray test cycle adjustable



    L = 1200 / 40W, 8 (UVA service life of more than 2000h)

     the controller

    RKC intelligent controller

     temperature control mode

    PID self-integer SSR control

    the standard specimen size

    75 × 290 × 120mm (special specifications need to be described in the contract)

    sink water depth

    25mm automatic control

     effective irradiation area

    900 × 210mm

     UV wavelength

    UVA range of 315-400nm

     test time

    0 ~ 999H (adjustable)

      Irradiation blackboard temperature

    50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

    the standard sample rack

    24 pay

    the unit has an automatic sprinkler function

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