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  • Corrosion Test Apparatus for Test Wire and Cable

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  • IEC 60754-1&2: 2011 Corrosion Test Apparatus for Test Wire and Cable

    Product introduction

    The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60754 Part 1 and Part 2 test is performed to determine the degree of acidity of gases evolved during the combustion of materials taken from electric cables by measuring the pH & conductivity.
    IEC 60754-1 is halogen-free cable came from and including the polymer to halogenated compounds on the basis of the additive compounds emitted during combustion, except the fluoridation hydracids, it is measure for gas of halogen volume, IEC 60754-2 for electrical or optical cable from compounds emitted during the combustion of measure the gas of oxidation limit.

    Technical parameters

    1.1200°C Split-Hinge Tube Furnaces for horizontal use.
    2.Heating element modules for superior radial and linear temperature uniformity and fast heat up and cool down.
    3.Long-life, energy-efficient elements require little or no maintenance.
    4.Mode conversion switch (Test method of IEC 60754-1&2 could be selected).
    5.Alarm Temperature Controller: Temp controller to protect overheating of furnace.
    6.Quartz work tube and sample lading assembly.
    7.pH and conductivity measuring instruments with digital display and electrodes Stirrer.
    8.Mass flow meter control the flow rate of air and digital display.
    9.Activated Charcoal (air filtering): Filter for filtering the supplied air (activated charcoal).
    10.Silica Gel (air drying): Device for drying the supplied air.
    11.100 ceramic sample boats.

    Product Features and Application

    1. The mass flow meter adjusts the air flow, the range is 0-3L/min, and the air flow is numerically displayed, and can be precisely adjusted, and the adjustment precision is 0.1L/min;
    2.Equipped with air filter device, containing 1 activated carbon and silica gel filter column;
    3. Including two temperature control modes, one is the temperature programming mode, the other is the single-point heating mode, all adopt PID temperature control mode, the user can choose according to the test;
    4. Over-temperature protection device, when the temperature of the tube furnace exceeds 1100 degrees, the heating can be automatically cut off to protect the furnace body;
    5. Openable tube furnace device, easy for users to clean and replace the quartz heating tube;
    6. Using imported thermoelectric tube furnace device, with excellent product performance and longer product life;
    7. It is equipped with auxiliary devices such as magnetic stirrer, PH meter and conductivity tester.

    Product Details of the Corrosion Test Apparatus

    Corrosion Test Apparatus, designed and manufactured according to the test method GB/T 17650, IEC 60754-1/2, used to test the content of halogen gas released during the combustion of wire and cable, pH (hydrogen ion content), conductance Rate, etc., can be extended to EN 50305 and BS 6853 Appendix B, smoke toxicity test, in line with standards: GB/T 17650.1~2-1998, IEC 60754-1/2-1994, EN 50305, BS 6853 Appendix B, etc. standard test.


    IEC:IEC 60754-1&2: 2011
    GB/T 17650-1&2:1998
    Dimensions: 889 mm (W) X 432 mm (D) X 406mm (H)
    Control Unit: 430 mm (W) × 370 mm (D) × 320 mm (H)

    Installation requirements

    Electrical: 110V AC 60Hz / 230V AC 50Hz, 15A

    Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 35°C​

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