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  • Fire Testing Equipment ASTM D4108 TPP Thermal Protective Performance Tester


    Product introduction
    TPP thermal protective performance tester is mainly used to test the thermal insulation performance of flame retardant protective clothing fabric exposed to radiation and convective heat sources. It is used to test the thermal protective performance of protective clothing, safety shoes, gloves, helmet exterior surface, etc.The testing standards of NFPA 1971, ASTM D4018, GB 8965.1-2009, ISO 17492, etc.


    Performance characteristics

    1. The test instrument shall include the sample base assembly, the support of the sample base assembly, the heat source, the shield, the sensor assembly, the recorder and the gasket. It shall also have the gas source, the gas flowmeter, the burner and the sensor.

    2. Movable corundum protective plate, with temperature resistance of 1800 degrees, can shield flame and reduce test error.

    3. Two Meker burners with 45 degrees are installed to provide standard convective heat source with 9 quartz tubes.

    4. The diameter of Meker burner is 38 mm and the diameter of inner hole is 5/16 inches. It can provide 800-1200 BUT heat output. The burner mouth is a metal mesh structure. The lower air valve of the burner can be adjusted and the mixing ratio of air and combustible gas can be adjusted.

    Five or nine T150 quartz infrared tube arrays can provide thermal radiation flux of 13-40 kW/㎡±4 kW/㎡

    6. Under the thermal radiation of quartz infrared tube, the total heat flux can be set to 83 kW/㎡±2 kW/㎡ by adjusting the gas supplied to Meker burner.

    7. The calibrated heat flow meter is water-cooled, and its working range is 0-100KW/m2, and its maximum usage range is 150%.

    8. The response time of the heat flow meter is less than 200 ms, the radiation rate is more than 0.95, and the output signal is more than 5 mV in the working range.

    9. Copper plate calorimeter can be used to detect convective heat and radiation heat, as well as the temperature on the back of the sample.

    10. Rotor flowmeter can adjust the flow rate of combustion gas, the accuracy is (±2%) and the measuring range is more than 3L/min.

    11. Pointer pressure gauge, intake pressure can be adjusted by pressure relief valve, the range of pressure relief valve is 0-15 psi;

    12. A quarter rotary plug can cut off the flammable gas manually.

    13. The resolution of the temperature acquisition system is 0.1C and the accuracy is ±0.75 ℃

    14. The data acquisition speed of the automatic data acquisition system is sub/0.05 seconds, and the cold-end compensation is provided for the measured data of the thermocouple.

    15. Equipped with computers and printers, with standard test software, to provide standard test curves.



    ASTM D4108, ASTM F2703,ISO 17492:2003,GB 8965.1:2009,NFPA 1971, NFPA 1977, NFPA 2112


    Size: 1500mm (W) X 540mm (H) X 460mm (D)

    Weight: 86KG

    Installation requirements: Electrical requirements: 220V, 50HZ, 15A;

    Gas Source Requirements: Propane and Air Compressor Gas

    Testing environment: 25 +5℃

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