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    Mainly used in electronic electrician, aerospace, military scientific research institutions, such as external lighting, signal device and vehicle lamps shell protection test.



    1.Boy type, circulating water

    2.Accurate flow adjustable

    3.Sample electrifying test

    4.Connected WIFI operation

    5.Imported electrical components


    Technical parameters
       1. Spray water radius: 300mm
       2. Diameter for Water Pipe: 16mm
       3. Diameter for Aperture Water: 0.4mm
       4. Aperture spacing: 50mm  

          5.Perdulum Swing Angle Control: ±45 degree Celsius、

             ±60 degree Celsius、±90 degree Celsius  ±180 degree Celsius

          6. Test speed: 4r/min
       7. Controller:  touch screen with showing test time
       8. Angle control:  PLC control
       9. Hydraulic pressure:  flow meter,pressure regulating valve
      10. Viewer: visual big glass door
      11.Water supply :  storage tank、blower pump
      12. Safe guard Leakage protection, short circuit protection, motor overheating protection

         13. Power supply: AC220V (±10%) V/50HZ

         14.Standard: GB 4208-2008 IPX4/IEC 529
         15.Dimension of Test cabinet : 800×800×800mm

         16.Dimension: 1000×1180×1600mm
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