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    The battery thermal shock test chamber is suitable for testing various battery tests. It reaches the test temperature within a specified time at a certain heating rate and maintains it for a certain period of time. The hot air circulation system is adopted to reliably ensure uniform working temperature distribution.


    Internal dimension:40*40*45(cm)(W*H*D)

    Package dimension:65*92*53(cm)(W*H*D)

    Temperature range: Normal temperature ~200℃

    Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃

    Temperature stability: ±1.0℃

    Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

    Temperature rise time :(5±2) ℃ / min, (average temperature rise, nonlinear no-load)

    temperature-controlled meter: Programmable temperature controller can realize total time control of temperature rise, which is different from ordinary temperature control meter.

    Inner box material: Stainless steel plate

    Outer box material: Cold rolled steel plate baking paint

    Thermal insulation material:High efficiency compressed glass wool

    Heat preservation device: no fuse switch, over temperature protection switch, fuse.

    Power supply:1∮,220V20A

    Safety device: Sub-overtemperature alarm, MCCB overload protection, etc

    Exhaust flue: Blade type design can regulate the air volume.

    Control formation: When the temperature of the battery thermal shock test chamber reaches the set temperature, the time meter will be automatically turned on. When the time reaches the set temperature, the heating power will be cut off and the buzzer will be prompted.

    Air supply circulation system: Air supply circulation system.

    Control system: When the temperature arrives, start timing. When the time arrives, stop and beep.



    IEC 62619

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