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  • Button Press Test Machine

    Button Press Test Machine

    Button Press Test Machine

    Button Press Test Machine

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  • Button Press Test Machine



    This machine can test the endurance life test of NOTEBOOK (mobile phone, PDA) buttons and various buttons and switches. It is especially suitable for the fatigue test of silicone rubber buttons. It has adjustable speed, set the number of times, and after the number of times is reached, the data can be kept. The number of tests can be tested simultaneously. Several products can be tested at the same time (each product can be tested at multiple points). Set different pressures and different levels.


    Test Principle

    This machine is a key life testing machine. It uses a motor drive eccentric structure to move the worktable up and down, so that the keys or keyboard and the probe can move relative to each other.


    Technical parameters

     Table load  50kg
     Test station  4 stations
     Action stroke  10mm
     Test times  0-999999 (shutdown times can be set)
     Superimposed load  10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g
     Speed adjustment  10 ~ 60 times / min adjustable
     Speed display  directly displayed on the touch screen
     Transmission mode  the motor drives the eccentric mechanism to act
     Motion mode  vertical motion
     Lifting function  manually adjust the height of the measuring rod
     Appearance dimension  450 * 350 * 700mm
     Working power supply  220V / 50Hz
     Machine weight  About 50kg
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