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  • Mattress Durability Tester


    It is suitable to all kinds spring soft mattress. Palm fiber mattress and soft foam mattresses and other polymeric materials reference to the relevant standards. This machine is suitable for mattress, mattress test is not sufficient.


    put 2 loading block on a certain height above on the mattress, Alternating free fall with certain frequency. Make repeatedly loading to mattress, to test the mattress’s long-term repeatability of the load bearing capacity.

    Terminology Description
    1. Spring mattress: The spring and soft lining materials for the inner core material, that cover with fabric or mat and other bedding materials.
    2. Spring coverage: a spring mattress on the sum of the maximum cross-sectional area measured with the mattress area percentage.

    3. Compression: a mattress pad in the horizontal surface of the force applied vertically downward, causing the mattress by the force along the direction of surface displacement.


    The machine was designed according to QB1952.2-2004 software, furniture, spring mattress manufacturing test standard.

    How long does a mattress really last?

    between 7 and 10 years

    Most mattresses should last between 7 and 10 years. However, there are many variables that can influence mattress lifespan. The original build quality of the mattress, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping styles of the sleepers can all influence a bed's longevity.

    Can I test a mattress?

    The best way to test out a mattress? Lay on it! To get an accurate idea of the comfort level, experts suggest laying down in your normal sleeping position for at least 15 minutes. It also helps if you're wearing comfortable clothes when you test out a mattress.

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