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    Instrument application of Microscope for Fiber Analyses Equipment:

    It is used to measure the fineness of fibers and the content of blended fibers. And the cross-sectional shapes of the hollow fibers and the profiled fibers can be observed. The longitudinal and cross-sectional microscopic images of fibers are collected by digital cameras. With the help of software intelligence, the longitudinal diameter data test of fibers can be quickly realized, and the functions of fiber type labeling, statistical analysis, excel output, electronic report, etc. are provided.

    Microscope for Fiber Analyses Machine Standards:

    1.The measurement of cotton and linen content conforms to the textile industry standard FZ/T30003- 2000 quantitative analysis method of cotton and linen blended products micro projection method.

    2.It complies with the commodity inspection standard Sn /T0756-1999 quantitative analysis method and micro projection method of import and export ramie / cotton blended products.

    3.FZ / T 01057.3-2007 textile fiber identification test method Part 3: microscope method

    4.AATCC 20-2011 fiber qualitative analysis

    5.The fiber diameter measurement complies with the national standard GB / T 10685-1989 wool fiber diameter test method projection microscope method.

    6.The content measurement conforms to the national standard GB / T 16988-1997 determination of the content of special animal fiber and wool mixture.

    7.GB /T7690.5-2013 test methods for yarns of reinforcing materials Part 5: Determination of glass fiber diameter

    8.GB / T 20732-2006 fiber diameter optical analyzer

    Instrument features:

    1. Through the digital camera to obtain the longitudinal microscopic image of the fiber, with the intelligent assistance of the software, the operator can quickly and conveniently realize the functions of fiber longitudinal diameter test, fiber type identification, statistical report generation and so on.

    2. It provides accurate scale calibration function and fully guarantees the accuracy of fineness test data.

    3. It provides professional automatic image analysis and fiber diameter prompt function, making fiber diameter test extremely easy.

    4. In the longitudinal test, the industry standard conversion function is provided for non-circular section fibers.

    5. The fiber fineness test results and category classification data can be automatically generated into professional data reports or exported to excel.

    6. It is suitable for measuring the diameter of animal fiber, chemical fiber, cotton and hemp, etc. with fast measurement speed, simple operation and reduced human error.

    7. Provide a library of standard samples of special animal fibers and chemical fibers, so as to facilitate the comparison of laboratory personnel and improve the identification ability.

    8. Equipped with a special microscope, high-resolution camera, brand computer, image analysis and measurement software, and fiber morphology map library.

    Technical indicators:

    1. Working mode: manual measurement; Semi-automatic measurement; Free measurement; Multipoint measurement, etc

    2. Test function: fiber qualitative analysis; Fiber diameter measurement; Fiber section measurement

    3. Measuring range: 0 200 μ m

    4. Measurement accuracy: 0.1 μ m

    5. Microscope parameters (domestic): Motic Bi (0.5x interface, objective lens: 4x, 10x, 20x)

    6. Camera parameters (including interface)

    6.1. Maximum resolution: 2840 * 2160

    6.2. Rabbit decoloration accessories to realize direct observation of dark fiber

    6.3. Electronic shutter speed: 0.02ms-15s

    6.4. Sony chip and USB 3.0

    6.5. Target size: 1 / 1.2, pixel size: 2.9 * 2.9,

    6.6. Maximum 45 frames / second

    7. Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz / 300W

    8. Boundary dimension: 700x450x600mm

    9. Weight: 20kg


    Configuration list:

    1. 1 host

    2. 1 special biological microscope (equipped with special camera interface for microscope)

    3. 1 Panasonic camera

    4. Lenovo computer 1 set

    5. Professional image acquisition card 1 set

    6. 1 dedicated video cable

    7. International Wool bureau standard top (1-8) 1 set

    8. One set of software (image acquisition software, image processing software, fiber analysis software, report printing output system).

    9. 1 product certificate

    10. Product operation manual (1 copy)

    11. 1 product album

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