• What are the international testing programs for oil testing?

  • In the international standard classification, petroleum testing relates to road engineering, analytical chemistry, equipment for the oil and gas industry, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, fuels, integrated petroleum products, welding, brazing and cryogenic welding, extraction and processing of oil and gas, hydraulic fluids, soils, soil science, geology, meteorology, hydrology, fluid storage devices, petroleum, petroleum products and gas storage and transportation equipment, testing of metallic materials, facilities in buildings, heating appliances for domestic, commercial and industrial use, insulating fluids.


    The oil testing items contain: anti-explosion, lead content, distillation range, vapor pressure, solvent-washed gum content, induction period, sulfur content, mercaptan, copper flake corrosion, water-soluble acid or alkali, mechanical impurities and moisture, benzene content, aromatic content, olefin content, oxygen content, methanol content, manganese content, iron content, actual gum, phosphorus content, unwashed gum, organic chlorine content, inorganic chlorine content, sodium content, appearance, and density.


    Analytical items: quantitative analysis of physical phase (composition analysis), elemental analysis, chemical analysis, oil identification, quantitative analysis of single elements, physical property testing, etc.


    The Automatic Pour Point Tester is a petroleum testing instrument that conforms to ASTM D2386 and ASTM D97 standards for measuring the pour point of lubricating oils and dark petroleum products with no limitation on viscosity. It can be used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, commercial inspection and scientific research departments. LCD display, touch control, easy to use, automatic detection, simple operation, what is an international common petroleum testing equipment.

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