• What are the EU requirements for the combustion performance of building materials?
  •    In 2001, the member states of the European Union enacted a new flammability classification system, which was intended to replace the large number of different test methods and classification systems currently in place in the EU. The new classification system consists of two parts: the first part is dedicated to flooring materials and the other part to all other building components and products. These grading systems refer to the fire case as the corner fire test, the corner fire test standard is ISO 9705.

    The recommended test methods and standards for grading materials are specified below.

      1) ISO EN 1182, non-combustibility test, confirmation of no significant contribution to fire for building products, for the determination of material classes A1, A2, A1FL, and A2FL.

      2) ISO EN 1716, Calorific value, latent heat of complete combustion of a material, for determination of material classes A1, A2, A1FL, A2FL.

      3) EN 13823, Single object burning test, evaluation of the contribution of a single burning object placed in a corner to the development of a fire, for the determination of material classes A2, B, C, and D

      4) ISO EN 11925-2, ignition test, evaluation of ignition properties of materials under the action of a small flame, for the determination of material classes B, C, D, E, BFL, CFL, DFL, EFL.

             5) ISO EN 9239-1, Combustion behavior of flooring materials under radiant heat sources, evaluation of critical radiant flux after flame extinction on the horizontal surface of the material, for determination of material classes A2FL, BFL, CFL, DFL, EFL.

            The flammability test is also called a single source test. The test apparatus conforms to EN ISO 11925-2. The test results for building structures can be classified according to standard 13501-1. During the test, the following are recorded: whether ignition occurs; whether the flame tip reaches 150 mm above the flame application point and when it occurs; whether ignition of the filter paper occurs; and the physical behavior of the test specimen is observed.

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