• What is the difference between water fastness and soaping fastness?

  •       In textile testing, water fastness and soaping fastness are common items. SKYLINE Instruments offers a wide range of professional testing equipment services, including textile, footwear, toys and other equipment, professional and reliable, with the support and trust of SGS, BV, Intertek and other major testing equipment, to provide you with world-class recognized testing services. Equipment.


          The difference between water fastness and soaping fastness.

    ① water resistance color fastness that is water immersion color fastness, the textile specimen and the specified lining fabric laminated together, immersed in water, squeeze out the water after insulting the middle of the two plates, and give a certain pressure, dry the specimen and lining after the gray sample card to assess the color change of the specimen and lining staining.

    ② Washing fastness, also called soap fastness, the textile specimen and the specified lining fabric sewn together, insult dry soap or soap and anhydrous sodium carbonate mixture, in the washing fastness tester after a specific washing procedure, after washing and drying to the original sample as a reference, with gray sample card or instrument to assess the sample discoloration and lining staining.

          In short, the former only needs to be left in water, while the latter has to be washed with soap solution.


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