• What are the contents and standards of environmental testing?

  •       What are the contents and standards of environmental testing? Environmental testing is the detailed site monitoring and analysis of the selected evaluation area. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the expanding environmental monitoring market, traditional environmental monitoring stations can no longer fully meet the needs of society for environmental monitoring, and many countries have gradually opened up channels in the field of environmental monitoring, for socialized environmental testing organizations specializing in environmental monitoring and with CMA environmental testing qualifications. As a living force of third-party testing, it has become the first choice for socially commissioned testing.


          Environmental testing content and projects water quality wastewater testing: seawater, groundwater, surface water, industrial wastewater, secondary water supply, domestic sewage, water sources, fisheries water quality, drinking water, agricultural irrigation water, reclaimed water, domestic drinking water, microbial indicators, sensory indicators, toxicological indicators, metal indicators, organic matter comprehensive test, organic matter indicators, pesticide indicators, odor substances detection, pH, mineralization, total hardness, suspended matter, sulfide, conductivity, odor, chromaticity, turbidity, acidity, alkalinity, transparency, total residue, arsenic, selenium, total mercury, copper, lead, cadmium, zinc, silver, aluminum, barium, hexavalent chromium, total chromium, nickel, iron, manganese, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen (ammonium salt), etc.

          Ambient air detection: sulfur dioxide, total suspended particulate matter, particulate matter (particle size less than or equal to lOUm), nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, fluoride, benzo(a)pyrene, lead, acetone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), phenolic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes and ketones.


          Currently there are many environmental testing machines on the market, such as Temperature and Humidity Chamber, Salt Spray Test Chamber, Ozone Test chamber, 1 m³ Test Chamble For Formaldehyde Release and other machines and equipment are Used to test the environment. SKYLINE introduces you to a Salt Spray Tester, which is suitable for surface treatment of various materials, including organic and inorganic coatings, anodic treatment, rust prevention oil, etc. After these anti-corrosion treatment, the corrosion resistance of its products can be tested. For more information, please click Salt Spray Tester - DONGGUAN SKYLINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD (lab-testequipment.com)

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