• International ISO 8124 test standard for toys
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide international standardization organization (ISO member organizations). International Standard ISO8124 was drafted by ISO/TC181, the Technical Committee on Toy Safety. ISO8124 includes the following sections, under the general name of Toy Safety.


    Part 1: Safety Standards for Mechanical and Physical Properties

    The latest version of this part of the ISO 8124 standard is ISO 8124-1:2009, updated in 2009. The requirements of this part apply to all toys, that is, any product or material designed or clearly indicated or intended for play by children under 14 years of age.

    This part specifies acceptable criteria (basis) for judging the structural characteristics of toys, such as sharpness, size, shape, clearance (e.g., sound, small parts, sharp tips and edges, hinge clearance), and acceptable criteria for judging the specific properties of certain toys (e.g., maximum kinetic energy for projectiles with inelastic ends, minimum pinch angles for certain ride-on toys). This part specifies the toy requirements and test methods for each age group of children from birth to 14 years of age. This part also requires appropriate warnings and instructions for use to be stated on certain toys or their packaging. The language of these warnings and instructions is not specified due to the problem of language differences between countries, but the general requirements are given in Appendix C. This part does not indicate the potential for injury that covers or encompasses the various special toys or toy types that have been considered.

    Example 1: A typical example of a sharp point injury is the sexual tip of a needle. Needle injuries have been recognized by purchasers of toy stitching kits, and functional sharp-tip injuries are communicated to users through normal educational means, with warning signs on the product packaging

    Example 2: Toy syringes also have the use of related and recognized injuries (e.g., instability in use, especially for beginners) have the potential for structural characteristics of injury (sharp edges, clamping injuries, etc.), with reference to the requirements of this part of ISO 8124 standard should be reduced to a minimum.


    Part 2: Flammability

    The latest version of this part of the ISO 8124 standard is ISO 8124-2:2007, updated in 2007. This part details the types of combustible materials prohibited for use in toys and the flame retardancy requirements for specific toys when they come into contact with minor sources of ignition. Regulation 5 of this part specifies the test methods.

    Part 3: Migration of specific elements

    The latest version of this part of the ISO 8124 standard is ISO 8124-3:2010, which was updated on May 27, 2010. This part controls the content of heavy metals in accessible materials in toy products. This update does not change the specific limit requirements of the standard, but rather makes the following adjustments at a non-technical level.

    1) The new standard specifies in detail the range of toy materials to be tested, and expands the scope of testing of surface coatings based on the first edition.

    2) The new standard adds the definition of "paper and cardboard".

    3) the new standard changes the test reagents used for oil and wax removal, the changed reagents are consistent with the latest version of EN71-3.

    4) The new standard adds a description of the uncertainty to be considered when determining compliance with the requirements for quantitative analysis.

    5) The new standard modifies the maximum respirable level of antimony from 1.4 µg/day to 0.2 µg/day.


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