• How to prevent damage during luggage check-in?
  • How does luggage suffer damage? Nowadays, brutal loading and unloading at the airport has been commonplace, and every time you listen to the heavy sound of luggage falling onto the conveyor belt at the baggage claim, you can't help but sweat for your own luggage. In addition to most people think that the violent handling loading and unloading, in the aircraft takeoff and landing, due to gravity problems lead to luggage squeeze collision is also inevitable; In addition, the luggage closed unsecure or the quality of the problem itself is also prone to breakage, although the aircraft in the takeoff and landing, due to the problem of gravity, may lead to luggage squeeze or collision, but this is not enough to cause the luggage to break, check-in The luggage is often broken and the quality of the luggage itself is a certain relationship. You can choose some good quality, the bottom four corners of the luggage, or you can choose canvas luggage, canvas can play a better cushioning role, impact resistance will be stronger, so the box and the objects inside are not too easy to damage.


    Although buyers can choose good quality to buy, but how should sellers or factories guarantee the quality of luggage, which requires the assistance of layers of machine testing. SKYLINE has a luggage wheel wear testing instrument, which is used to test the wear resistance of small wheels in operation, such as luggage, roller skates, baby carriages and strollers ... According to this method the wear resistance of wheels is tested by simulating the wheels of luggage running on the ground. The abrasion resistance of the wheels and the overall structure of the material can be measured for wear or deformation; the test results can be used for reference when making improvements. It is suitable for various luggage manufacturers to improve product quality based on the test results.

      The Luggage Wheel Wear Tester Technical parameters

     Test wheel 

     36#, 8 "

     Test speed


     Time set

     999 seconds, 2 groups, 999 points 2 groups

     Number of times set

     0~999999 automatic shutdown

     Wheel Core load


     Power supply


     Registration 1

     Set two: The time of rest for each walk

     Registration 2

     Set Total stroke downtime


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