• What is the universal tensile testing machine measurement ?
  • What is a universal material tensile tester? Universal tensile strength machine is a precision instrument capable of measuring a variety of material properties, material tensile strength, constant elongation stress, elongation, bending deflection, compression strength, yield strength, standard deviation and other property parameters, the material's elastic response and the average value of the test data, constant stress elongation, through the tensile tester to measure them, so as to ensure that the quality of enterprise production materials meet the requirements.


    Universal material testing machine need to measure the verification of the following items.

    1. force value

    Measurement principle: after the force sensor (the most commonly used, belonging to the strain gauge type sensor), expander and data disposal system to complete the measurement. 

    The strain gauge sensor is composed of strain gauges, elastic elements and certain accessories (compensation elements, shields, wiring sockets, loading parts). The strain gauge sensor is able to turn a certain mechanical quality into an electrical output device. The strain gage sensor has a wide variety of tension and pressure sensors in China and abroad, including barrel force sensors, spoke force sensors, S double-hole sensors, cross-beam sensors and other types. 


    2. Deformation

    Measurement principle: after the deformation measurement of the installation to measure, tensile testing machine is used to measure the physical value of the deformation of the specimen in the process of testing. 

    In the installation there are two collets, after a series of transmission of the nimble structure and the photoelectric encoder installed in the top of the measurement installation connected together, when the interval between the two collets change, drive the shaft of the photoelectric encoder twist, the photoelectric encoder will have a pulse flag output. Then by the disposal of this flag, you can get the amount of deformation of the specimen. 


    3. tensile testing machine beam displacement

    Measurement principle: the principle is roughly the same as the deformation measurement, are after measuring the number of output pulses of the photoelectric encoder to obtain the displacement of the beam.


    The elongation of the standard tensile specimen is displayed by the elongation gauge or strain gauge, and the elongation is converted into the tensile value, and then compared with the same force value point on the dial of the tensile tester and the standard tensile specimen, and the technical status and accuracy of the tester is determined according to the difference of the comparison value.

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