• Introduction to all US flammability performance test standards
  • U.S. fabric burning performance test methods and standards are: U.S. Consumer Safety Commission standards CFR16 Part 16101615 161, the American Society for Testing and Materials standard ASTM D1230-94, the U.S. Federal Standard 191A5903 and the American Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 701, etc.


    (1) CFR16 Part 1610 and ASTMD1230-94: Flammability of Textiles for Apparel 

    Test standard. Mainly applicable to test the process of wearing easy to catch fire, and once on fire, will be violent combustion and cause harm to the fabric. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards, according to the test results of the fabric into different grades. Before testing, the specimen is placed in an oven at 105°C for 30 minutes to reach its most flammable state. After cooling in the drying oven, several flammability testers are tested. The apparatus consists of a non-through ventilated test chamber with an ignition device, a specimen holder, a specimen clamp and an automatic timer. The specimen holder is tilted at an angle of 45° and a standard flame is used to ignite the specimen from the surface near the lower end for 1 s. The time required for the flame to burn 127 mm on the surface of the specimen is recorded. If this time is less than 4s, for failure.


    (2) CFR 16 Part1615 and 1616: Children's pajamas flammability standards. 

    Mainly used for testing children's pajamas with fabric, the size of 89mmx254 mm specimen hanging vertically in the specimen holder, the burner combustion gas is more than 97% of methane gas. Ignition from the lower end of the specimen (3 + 0.2) s, continued ignition time of more than 10 s or carbon length of more than 17.8 cm failed.


    (3) U.S. Federal Standard 191A 5903 and ASTM F1358-95: Standard Test Method for Flame Retardant Properties of Fabrics Vertical Method.

    The two are very similar, both require the specimen to be placed vertically, ignition time of 12s, test indicators for pure combustion time, negative combustion time and carbon length.


    (4)NFPA701: flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant film ignition test method.

    This method is divided into two parts, the first part of the test fabric, the second part of the test film and thickness of more than 700g / m2 of fabric. The burner gas is 97% methane gas. The fabric should be weighed before testing, size 150mmx400mm, the specimen is hung vertically above a 100mm high standard gas flame, burned for 45s and then removed from the flame and the renewal time is recorded. After self-extinguishing, weigh and compare with the initial weight, calculate the proportion of weight loss, should also record the burning characteristics of the specimen. Film test method, the test before weighing the specimen, the length of the specimen is 1.2m, in the high 280mm ± 12mm flame ignited for 2min, observe and record the burning state, renewal time, negative combustion time.


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