• 45 degree burning tester maintenance method
  • 45 degree flammability tester is mainly used for the determination of flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, tent fabrics, etc. Composed of control system and combustion chamber, the specimen is installed in the combustion chamber is 45 ° angle inclined specimen frame, so that the fire nozzle close to the specimen, ignite the specimen with flame for a specified period of time and then return, observe the combustion of the specimen and the flame spread rate on the specimen, assess the ignitability and flame spread performance of the specimen. However, here, Dongguan SKYLINE reminds us that in order to ensure the detection effect, we must usually do a good job related to maintenance work. So, how to do the maintenance of 45 degrees burning test machine? Below, it is explained for everyone.

    How to do the maintenance of the 45 degree combustion tester

    ① The combustion tester gas tank should have a pressure reducing valve, the main valve off start reliable.

    ② The combustion tester combustion test should be operated in the presence of two people, one is responsible for the operation of the sample test, the other is responsible for supervision, check the gas pipeline before the test for gas leaks, if necessary, open the pneumatic small box to check, such as joints, gas pipe is sealed, so as to avoid accidents, the test, the tester responsible for the supervision of the best close to the main valve of the gas tank, found abnormalities in time to close the main valve to find the cause, the end of the test Be sure to close the main valve after the test.

    ③ The combustion tester test chamber should be installed in the test cabinet without air convection but can be naturally ventilated, to prevent air flow during the test, to avoid the burner backfire. The end of the test can start the fan to remove the smoke.

    ④ The input power of the combustion tester is AC220V. Apply a three-pole socket with ground, to ensure reliable grounding.

    ⑤ The combustion tester electric control, must be time to reach the time relay control burner back to the original position.

    ⑥ Combustion tester test room should be equipped with fire extinguishing equipment. Regularly check the gas circuit.

    ⑦ Should not make the fire nozzle by the impact of heavy objects or vigorous bending, so as to avoid damage to the fire nozzle affect the test.

    ⑧ The use of heavy hammer stop switch, the hammer does not need to be suspended too high, in order to protect the stop switch.

    ⑨ Pay attention to clean the burning residue in the test chamber, as well as the sample clip and the burning traces on the inner wall.

    ⑩ The instrument is a metal product, moisture for a long time is prone to rust, should keep the test environment dry, and regular anti-rust treatment.

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