• What equipment can be used to test the pen
  • As we all know, pens are widely used in various fields, pencils, brushes, water-based pens, fountain pens, markers, etc. These are often used by children and the elderly as learning tools, so in order to ensure their safety and quality, it is very important to do a good job of testing the performance of each pen.

    Pen testing can be done in the following directions: interface testing, performance testing (stress testing), security testing, compatibility testing, etc. Here SKYLINE introduces you to pen pressure testing and recommends related test equipment.

    What is pen pressure testing? It tests how much pressure range the nib can write normally, how much pressure range it cannot produce normal ink, how much pressure range causes the nib to be too heavy and damage the nib or the paper; how much pressure range the nib can write clearly on the paper.

    SKYLINE Lab Manufacturer Zig Zag Write Test Machine is used to simulate the writing state of a pen by placing the sample on a certain load and making it write in a Z shape at a certain speed to check the structure and performance of the sample, in accordance with ISO27668, with a test angle of 60 to 90° and an adjustable writing speed of 1.0m/min-10.0m/min ......

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