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  • SL-S26 Small Ball Test Fixture

    SL-S26 Small Ball Test Fixture

    SL-S26 Small Ball Test Fixture

    SL-S26 Small Ball Test Fixture

    SL-S26 Small Ball Test Fixture

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  • ASTM F 963 4.6.2 Small Ball Test Fixture



    Use of Small Ball Test Fixture:

    Small ball test fixture is use to examine a toy up of whether small ball accessories may result in the child swallow, stop breath way and esophagus to cause choking danger or not.

    Small Ball Test Fixture Application:

    It is used to test whether the toy's ball accessories may cause children to swallow, block the respiratory tract and esophagus and cause suffocation.

    Standard test:

    US 16CFR 1510, ASTM F 963 4.6.2, EU EN71-1998 8.16

    Toy Testing Equipment Parameters:


     Aluminum alloy


     72.6 × 72.6 × 6.35 mm


     64 g


    1. Independent carton packaging

    2. In stock

    How to use and understand?

    1. Place the ball in the position where it is most likely to be allowed to pass the ball test template slot, and ensure that the force acting on the ball is only its gravity to determine whether the ball can completely pass the test template;

    2. In the ball test, you must first determine the age of the toy, and then test;

    3. Age limit:

    (1) Under 36 months, small balls are not allowed on the toy;
    (2) 37 months to 96 months, there may be small balls on the toy, but there must be warning instructions;

    (3) For more than 97 months, there may be small balls and no warning instructions are required.

    How do you become a golf ball tester?

    The first thing to do is to go online and search for companies offering testing opportunities. Look at the websites of popular golf club manufacturers, such as Callaway. Once you find a website, there is often a section that says Become a Tester. All that you have to do is to fill out the form

    Why is it called a test fixture?

    Tests need to run against the background of a known set of objects. This set of objects is called a test fixture.

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