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    Instrument used: For rapid determination of formaldehyde content in textiles.


    GB/T2912.1, GB/T18401, ISO 14184.1, ISO1 4184.2, AATCC112, etc.


    1. The instrument uses a 5" LCD graphic display and an external thermal printer as the display and output device to clearly display the test results and      prompts during the operation. The thermal printer can easily print the test results for data reporting and storage

    2. The test method provides photometer mode, wavelength scanning, quantitative analysis, kinetic analysis and multi-wavelength test mode. In the            quantitative test mode, it provides three commonly used analysis methods: coefficient input, one-point method, and multi-point pending

    3. The unique cuvette pairing function can eliminate measurement errors caused by cuvette pairing (only valid in photometer mode and quantitative          analysis), with an automatic zero/full scale function

    4. High accuracy of measurement readings, good reproducibility and stability

    5. Three test holes can directly get the formaldehyde content of textiles


    Technical parameter

    1. Measurement range and accuracy: 0.00500.00mg/kg (10 times dilution of the sample can reach 5000mg/kg)

    2. Wavelength range: 300nm1000nm Spectral bandwidth: 5nm

    3. Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm

    4. Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.5nm

    5. Spectral bandwidth: 5nm

    6. Test data: six-station absorbance value, content (mg/kg)

    7. Operation mode: LCD display, Chinese menu display operation

    8. Display and output: 5" LCD graphic display

    9. Optical system: self-aligning optical design, 1200/mm diffraction grating monochromator

    10. Light source: halogen tungsten lamp 12V10W

    11. Measurement accuracy: formaldehyde content ≤ 2% F.S

    12. Power supply: C220V±10% 50Hz 50W

    13. Dimensions and weight of the instrument: 480mm×380mm×260mm 15kg (excluding peripherals)



    1. 1 precision visible spectrophotometer

    2. 250mL triangular beaker, 3 pieces

    3. Measuring cylinder 100ml, 1 piece

    4. Glass funnel filter No. 2, 1 piece

    5. Single standard pipette 1ml, 2; 5ml, 2

    6. Test tube ¢ 18mm, 1 piece

    7. Test tube rack 1

    8. 1 suction ball

    9. 1 washing bottle

    10. 10mm cuvettes 4 pieces

    11. Volumetric flask 250ml, 1

    12. 1 product certificate

    13. Product instruction manual 1 copy

    14. Delivery note 1 time

    15. Acceptance sheet 1

    16. 1 product album


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