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  • (SL-FL081)Automatic Ignitability / Flammability Tester for Building Materials

    (SL-FL081)Automatic Ignitability / Flammability Tester for Building Materials

    (SL-FL081)Automatic Ignitability / Flammability Tester for Building Materials

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  • Automatic Ignitability / Flammability Tester for Building Materials


    Building Materials Ignitability Tester, to determine the ignitability of building products subjected to direct impingement of vertical
    single-flame source in the principle of German Klein Brenner, For related categories B, C, D, e, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl and Efl in all combustible
    materials testing, the device provide overall solution, and is applicable to the operator, the tester also meet the DIN 4102- 1; class

    B2 test requirements.


    Technical parameters

    1.5mm stainless steel plate box;
    Steel tempered glass door double angle observation test, double (with lock) convenient and practical
    High-pressure automatic ignition, durable combustion;
    The ignition source can be automatically tilted by 45 degrees;
    Flame height through the fine control valve to adjust;
    The sample rack can be moved up and down and before and after;
    Equipped with two sample clamps.
    Flame measuring scale;
    High degree of automation, experimental data accurate, easy to operate;
    Cabinet size: width 835 × deep 400 × high 815mm
    Material: 1.5mm stainless steel
    The bottom of the box is a flat natural vents, the vents from the 5cm * 5cm grid ventilation (really 1.5mm thick steel vents, 50mm high) to keep the air through the smooth
    Touch the display:
    a. Size: 7 inch effective display size 15.5cm wide and 8.6cm;
    b. Resolution: 800 * 480
    c. communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port
    d. storage capacity: 1G
    e. Using pure hardware FPGA driver display, "zero" start time, power can run
    f. using M3 + FPGA architecture, M3 is responsible for instruction resolution, FPGA focus TFT display, speed and reliability are leading the same kind of program
    g. The main controller uses low-power processor, automatically enter the energy-saving mode



    EN ISO 11925-2, DIN 53438,  DIN 41


    The combustion chamber is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, to maximize operating life.
    It has large front and side doors for easy access. These are glazed with toughened glass for full view of the specimen during a test.
    An extensively adjustable burner assembly, mounted on runners, to enable the small premixed flame to be tilted at an angle of 45degree to the specimen and offered to it in one fluid movement.
    Specimen holder capable of housing the specimens up to and including 60 mm thick.
    A fully adjustable specimen support frame facilitating lateral movement of the specimen holder so that the flame can be applied either at the specimen centre position, or at laterally spaced points.
    Burner angle adjustable 90/45 degree.
    Rotameter control the flame height.
    Flame height measuring tool.
    Automatic and easy to operate, accurate data acquiring.
    PLC control.
    Automatic spark ignition system and timing.
    Anemometer is optional.
    Real time monitoring and tracking of the data.
    Specimen holder made of U shape stainless steel.

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