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  • SL-FL086 Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus

    SL-FL086 Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus

    SL-FL086 Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus

    SL-FL086 Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus

    SL-FL086 Flooring Radiant Panel Test Apparatus

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  • Critical Radiant Flux Flammability Testing Equipment For Flooring Panel


    It is used to measure the burning of materials through a certain degree of heat radiation and flame environment. It is used in various kinds of floor materials such as textile carpet, cork board, wood board, rubber board, plastic floor and floor coating material Case of the critical heat radiation value. The EU uses this test method to classify fire protection material for all European Union member countries


    1. All structural components are made of stainless steel, appearance,and corrosion resistance;
    2. The radiation source is a porous ceramic heat radiating plate of 300mm*450mm, and tilted 30 °;
    3. The calorimeter is imported from United States , range 50kW/m2;
    4. The igniters diameter is 0.7mm, 19/EA, is located at the bottom of the center line of each 60°;
    5. The standard plate is made of calcium silicate without coating layer,which is size of 1050*250mm and thickness is 20±1mm,density is 850 ± 100kg/m³;
    6. Small stainless steel auxiliary ignition burner ignited sample.
    7. Inlet flow control valve, precise control of propane flow;
    8. Equipped with air blower providing air, mixed gas through the venturi mixing gas


    • ISO 9239-1: Flooring fire reaction test - Part 1: Combustion performance of flooring materials tested by radiant heat
    • ISO 9239-2: Flooring fire reaction test - Part 2: Testing flame spread status under the heat flux is 25kW/m2
    • ASTM E 648: Critical Radiant Flux of Floor standard test - covering system uses radiant heat energy
    • ASTM E 970: Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source, test insulation floor insulation standard test for Critical Radiant Flux Using a Radiant Heat Energy
    • NFPA 253: Standard Test Method for using radiant heat energy, test plates overlay system Critical Radiant Flux


    Technical parameters

     Maximum operating power


     Timing accuracy

     <1s / h

     Heat flux meter Measuring range

     (0-15) Kw / m2; (heat flow customer-owned)

     Heat flux meter accuracy

     ± 0.2Kw / m2

     Heat flux meter accuracy

     <± 3%;

     Heat radiation pyrometer range

     400-600 ℃, the accuracy of ± 0.5 ℃;


     Black body temperature error

     ± 5 ℃;

     Smoke speed

     (2.5 ± 0.2) m / s

     Smoke capacity

     (39-85) m3 / min

     Porous refractory radiation board size

     300mm × 450mm, the ability of about 900 ℃ high temperature;


     diameter of 3.2mm K-type stainless steel armored thermocouple

     Burning torch

     diameter ¢ 10mm diameter ¢ 6mm, spray tube on the 35 ¢ 0.7mm hole

     Flame height

     60 ~ 120mm adjustable

     Ignition system

     high voltage electronic ignition

     Burning box size

     L1420 * W1200 * H2300 (mm)

     Strong exhaust system

     the machine is equipped with a strong fan, when the test is completed, start the exhaust fan system will be exhausted

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