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  • Fire-Proof Test For Outer Wall External Thermal Insulation System


    Product introduction

    The window fire test model simulates a vertical building surface consisting of a main wall and a vertical auxiliary wall.

    The external thermal insulation system is installed on the building surface. The opening of the combustion chamber at the bottom of the test model simulates the windows or openings of the floor in the actual building. The ignited wood or gas flame overflows from the window to simulate the fire after ignition in the room. When a flame overflows from a window or hole, it attacks the external thermal insulation system, checks the damage degree of the external thermal insulation system, and judges its flame propagation. The total heat released in 30 minutes is about 4500 MJ, and the peak heat release rate is about (3 + 0.5) MW.

    Standard : BS 8414-1:202 / GB/T 29416:2012


    Performance characteristics

    1. The test system provides the ignition alarm after 5 minutes. When ignited, the test start time can be automatically determined. At the same time, the test overtemperature can be automatically distinguished. At the same time, the computer can display combustion test by visual frequency. At the same time, computer software can record dropping time, collapse time, temperature value and display temperature curve and other test related information.

    2. One wind speed sensor, 0-10M/S, with an accuracy of 0.1M/S;

    3. Two cameras, including a computer display device 2.

    4. K-type thermocouple: with stainless steel sheath, the temperature range is 0-1038 degrees, the temperature accuracy is (+0.1%) and the thermocouple wire is 500 feet.

    5. ADAM-4118 Module: Strong 8-way Thermocouple Input module, 8-way independently configurable differential channel; Wide temperature operation; Wider operating temperature: -40-+85 degrees C; High noise resistance: 1KV surge protection voltage input, 3KV EFT and 8KV ESD protection; Strong anti-interference: 1KV surge protection at power input, 3KV EFT, 8KV ESD protection, wide. Power input range: +10~+48 VDC; input range: +10~+48 VDC;

    6. Two computers;

    7. Three electronic control boxes;

    8. One signal conversion box;

    9. Field wiring.

    Electrical requirements: 220V, 50HZ, 5A

    environmental requirements: temperature from 10°C to 35°humidity (65 ± 5) %

    Application : building materials

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