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  • GJL-2 Steel-Structure Fireproof-Coating-Sample-Testing-Furnace

    GJL-2 Steel-Structure Fireproof-Coating-Sample-Testing-Furnace

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  • Steel-Structure Fireproof-Coating-Sample-Testing-Furnace (Fireproof Tester of Plugging Material)

    Technical indicators

     Operating Voltage  AC 380V +/-10% 50Hz
     Electric power  3KW
     Stove Pressure Measurement Range  0-100Pa
     Measurement Accuracy  ≤ +/-3Pa
     Air Flow  0-50 m³/min
     Measurement Accuracy  ≤ +/-0.5 m³/min
     Burning Airflow  Propane ,Liquefied gas
     Gas Flow  0-100 L/min        
     Measurement Accuracy  2.5 level
     Tank Capacity  50 kg*2

    7. Test Temperature: Program warming    60min room temperature-925
                                                                           120min room temperature-1050

                                                                           180min room temperature-1115

                                                                           240min room temperature-1150

                                                                           300min room temperature-1180

                                                                           360min room temperature-1210

    8.Equipment Precision: a.furnace temperature: +/-15

                                             b.internal specimen temperature: +/-10

                                             c.backfire specimen temperature: +/-4

    9. Temperature Sensor: a.armored platinum rhodium platinum value S thermocouple
                        accuracy class:II level
                                                b.armored nickel-chromium nickel-silicon value K thermocouple
                        accuracy class:II level
    10. Timing Range: 0-360 min                       Timing Accuracy: < +/-2s
    11. Maximum of Burning Length of the Sample: 1600mm
    12. Instrument Dimensions:  Test plate bracket      670mm*670mm*1100mm
                              Control box              800mm*500mm*500mm


    1.PLC+NA view professional software, touch screen control, easy operation
    2. The whole process of testing is fully automated
    3. Temperature errors are lower than the national standard


    Design standards
    GB14907-2002 Steel-Structure Fireproof Coating
    GB T9978-2008 Fire Resistance Test Method for Building Components
    GB T23864-2009 Plugging Material of Fireproof

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