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  • ASTM E662 Smoke Density Tester

    ASTM E662 Smoke Density Tester

    ASTM E662 Smoke Density Tester

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  • ASTM E662 Smoke Density Chamber, Smoke Densit Box For Vehicles Internal Material


    Product Introduction

    When the thickness of the test sample was placed in a certain heat 25KW/m2, or cabinets open flames, smoke density chamber can measure their smoke density. The instrument applies to ASTM E 662, BS6401, ISO 5659, NES 711, NEPA 258 etc. Use the cone radiation furnace which in the ISO 5659, the user can arbitrarily adjust the heating condition by 10kw/m2 to 50kw/m2.The test is increasingly being used in vehicle interior materials and other low-power, non -flammable cables tests.



    ASTM E 662: Standard test method for specific optical density of smoke generated by solid materials (The radiation cone is optional)

    BSI 6401: British Test Standard for specific smoke density indexISO 5659-2: Plastics-Smoke generation-Part2: Determination of optical density by a single-chamber test

    NES 711: Determination Of The Smoke Index Of The Products Of Combustion From Small Specimens Of Materials



    • Integrated design, 19 "analysis and control panel number

    •19 "industrial computer full control and the test can be done automatically

    • To carry the sample through moving the cylinder or automatically opening the top and bottom exhaust port (Highly resistant to pollution)

    • The coating of test box is easy to clean and resistant to chemical corrosion

    • Lock design is easy for one-time to close the door

    • Accurate display of smoke transmittance and smoke density

    • Preheating system of the chamber can accelerate the test and the accuracy is higher

    • When the furnace pressure increased rapidly during the test,the security blasting and tablet system can ensure the safety of users

    • Using MFC (mass flow controller) and DPT (pressure sensor) can improve the accuracy of pressure gauge and automatically let out the test

    • Using heat time (ISO 5659) without water pipes, portable water cooling system can complete the test on their own

    • In the ISO 5659 test, the load sensor can accurately measure the mass loss rate (Optional)

    • Equipped with a DAQ data acquisition program

    Technical parameters

     Size   1600*820*2150mm(W×D×H)
     Power Supply  AC 220V, 50/60Hz,15A
     Weight  350kg
     Instructions  supply
     Exhaust  50ℓ/s
     Tools  propane gas, pressure reducing valve

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