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  • (SL-FL100)Building Material Flammability Test Furnace with Touch Screen Control

    (SL-FL100)Building Material Flammability Test Furnace with Touch Screen Control

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  • Building Material Flammability Test Furnace with Touch Screen Control

    Product Description

    Touch screen control building material flammability test furnace uses a stainless steel box. On the basis of old products, it is a newly upgraded product with touch-screen control, controllable sample automatic lifting and Bunsen lamp adjusting and adjusting function. It is a highly configured building material combustion grade tester based on national standard GB8626-2007.

    The building materials flammability test furnace is in the normal combustion environment, with a small flame directly impacted the vertical specimen to determine the combustibility of the building products. The flammability test furnace for building materials is based on the principle of Kleinbrenner (Klein Brenner), which is directly impacted by a vertical flame. It is used to determine the combustion performance of B grade building materials (namely, the judgement of burning performance and flame retardant grade B of building materials).





    Technical parameters

    Ambient temperature: 15 to 25 degrees centigrade

    Relative humidity: ≤85

    Service voltage:220V 50HZ 100W

    Air supply: commercial propane with a purity of more than 95%, and ordinary tests can also be replaced by liquefied petroleum gas (the source of transport safety needs to be prepared by the user)

    The Bensen Burner applies flame time to the pattern 15s

    Single chip microcomputer control and digital display

    The diameter of the burner is 0.17mm,the length of the Bensen flame is 20mm ± 2mm and the burner can be tiltabled to 45 degrees.

    Apply a flame to a sample(1s-99 s)±0.5s,which can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the precision is + 0.2S

    Combustible gas source: propane above 95% purity

    Applicable standard: ISO11925-2:2002E< Test method for combustibility of building materials>

    Design standard:GB/T8626-2007< Test method for combustibility of building materials>

    In addition, 4.10 of the GB8626-2007 requires the wind speed device to be selected.Rencent,the inspectoin units test of the third part is basically required. But the wind speed unit is mismatched in the early stage and can be added later.


    Product Features

    The operation in line with ergonomic design,test all through the touch screen operation,high degree of automation.Otherwise, the previous test results can be stored and can access the previous test data.

    Controllable automatic lifting of servo motor drive pattern frame.

    The Bunsen Burner can be advanced and retreat and adjusted.

    1.5mm stainless steel plate box

    Double angle observation test of 2 heat-resistant tempered glass doors, double (with lock) is convenient and practical.

    High pressure automatic ignition and durable combustion.

    The point fire source can be automatically tilted by 45 degrees.

    The height of the flame is adjusted by the precision regulating valve.

    The sample frame can move up and down and around.

    Equipped with two kinds of sample clips

    Flame surveying rod

    High degree of automation,accurate and easy operation of experimental data

    Box size: 835 x depth 400 x high 815mm

    Material: 1.5mm stainless steel

    The bottom of the box is a flat natural vent, and the air vent is made up of a 5cm*5cm square vent (real 1.5mm thick steel plate vent, high 50mm) to keep the air flow through.

    Meticulous workmanship, real no solder joint process

    ⑰Touch panel:

            1. Size: 7 inch effective display, size 15.5cm wide 8.6cm

    2. Resolution: 800*480

    3. Communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port mode

    4. Storage capacity: 1G

    5. Use pure hardware FPGA drive display, "zero" start time, power up can run

    6. With M3+FPGA architecture, M3 is responsible for instruction parsing, FPGA focuses on TFT display, both speed and reliability lead the same scheme

    The main controller uses low energy processor to automatically enter the energy saving mode
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