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  • (SL-FL083) DIN 4102 Smoke Density Fire Tester

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  • DIN 4102 Building Material Flammability Testing Equipment / Smoke Density Fire Tester


    Suitable used for measuring the somke-producing characteristic of building material under controlled condition of combustion or decomposition, and also can be used for other plastics.


    Technical parameters

    1. Maximum smoke density (MSD) and smoke density (SDR) for the specimen: 0-100% continuously measurable and automatically calculated;
    2. With the standard optical correction error of not more than 3%; each device is equipped with three standard filters, proof of light source data, representative
    3. Bunsen lamp working pressure (210 ± 5) KPa;
    4. Bunsen lamp on the sample to impose a flame 4min;
    5. Burning lamp: for the students light, length 260mm, nozzle diameter 0.13mm, 45 ° angle with the smoke box;
    6. Photoelectric system: light source for the lamp, power 15W, operating voltage 6V;
    7. exhaust system: the machine is equipped with a strong fan, after the test, the exhaust can be discharged outdoors;
    8. Smoke density measurement range: 0 ~ 100%;
    9. Smoke density measurement accuracy: ± 3%;
    10. Receiver: for the silicon photovoltaic cells, light transmission rate of 0% for the passage of light, light transmission rate of 100% light without cover completely through;
    11. Main burner working pressure: 276KPa (adjustable);
    12. Automatic timing, automatic ignition, automatic smoke; luminous flux can be phased linear calibration test data
    more acurrate;
    13. Touch Screen:
    a. Size: 5 inch effective display size 11cm wide 6.28cm;
    b. Resolution: 800 * 480
    c. communication interface RS232, 3.3V CMOS or TTL, serial port
    d. storage capacity: 1G
    e. Using pure 
    PGA architecture, M3 is responsible for instruction resolution, FPGA focus TFT display, speed and reliability are leading the same kind of program

    g. The main controller uses low-power processor, automatically enter the energy-saving mode
    14. Gas source: 95% propane gas, or the same purity of the gas (customer-owned);

    15. long * wide * high 740 * 500 * high 900 (mm)hardware FPGA driver display, "zero" start time, power can run
    f. using M3 + F


    ASTM D 2843,DIN 4102

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