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  • Stainless Steel Flammability Testing Equipment

    Stainless Steel Flammability Testing Equipment

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  • Solar Cell & Roof Spread of Flame & Burning Tester

    Product information

    It is an instrument for simulates real conditions to assess the fire resistance of roofs and components.Under this circumsance of A1.82m,B 2.4m and C 3.9m to grade A~C grade for evaluating the sample. At the same time, it can be applied to the test of the flame retardancy of the photovoltaic cell components.



    • UL 1730: Individual Living Units for Multi-Family and Hotel Rooms

    Smoke Detector Monitor: Electric Signal Detector Detects Dust in Residential Buildings

    • UL 790: Standard Fire Test Methods for Roof Covering Materials

    • IEC 61730-2 Appendix A: Photovoltaic Module Combustion Test

    • ASTM E 108-04: Standard Fire Test Methods for Roof Covering Materials 

    Techncial Parameters

    Dimension 6,000(W) x2,200(D) x2,000(H)mm

    Power Supply AC 380V 3-Phase, 50/60Hz, 50A

    Weight Approx. 850kg

    Exhaust gas Minimum 400 m3/min

    Tools Propane/LNG, Compressed Gas, Vacuum Cleaner, Computer

    Product Features

     Manufacture so that deck plate’s slope can be controllable (Screw Type) 
    • Gas Burner’s Gas Flow Rate(387kWh – 22,000Btu/min) 
      - With Propane Gas as standard, a flow of 254.6L/min is necessary 
    • At the Test Deck, Air Velocity :19±8 km/h(5.5m/sec) 
      - Provides Anemometer 
    • Blower’s minimum flow 300m3/min 
      - Axial Type Fan 
      - Flow control using the inverter (Selected as Axial Type) 
    • Air Duct 
      - A Honeycomb type net installed 
      - A Guide Vane installed at the entrance(Manual control available) 

    • Construction of the control system

     Result Evaluation

    The flame spread beyond 1.82m for fire safety class A, 
      2.4m for fire safety class B, or 3.9m for fire safety class C 
    • Any portion of the module or panel be blown off or fall off 
      the test deck in the form of flaming or glowing brands. 
    • Portions of the roof deck, or portions of a module or panel 
      intended for installation integral with or forming a part of 

      the building roof structure, fall away in the form of glowing 


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