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  • (SL-FL)Roof Building Materials Combustion Test Equipment

    (SL-FL)Roof Building Materials Combustion Test Equipment

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  • Roof Building Materials Combustion Test Equipment

    Product introduction

    The fire reactivity test device of roof material is developed according to the preparation of GB/T 30735-2014 "external fire reaction test method of roof and roof covering products", the test method is mainly referring to the T1 test method of Env 1187 and ISO 12468-1, this method stipulates 3 kinds of test methods under the condition of ignition , method a corresponds to T1 in Env 1187, and Method B and method C correspond to ISO 12468-1. The state of the external fire reaction of roof and roof covering products was simulated under the action of wind blowing and heat radiation.


    Technical parameters

    1. The test specimen frame structure, adopts the metal square tube welding and the angle steel;

    2. Test sample frame test angle can be adjusted, the use of pneumatic adjustment, the user only need key-type operation, user-friendly;

    3. The test bracket angle adjustable range is 0-50 degrees, satisfies the ISO 12468 method A as well as the ENV 1187 T1 to the specimen maximum tilt height is 45 degrees the test request;

    4. Duct material for SUS304 stainless steel, thickness of 2 mm, the upper air duct installed with a fine honeycomb type grille, the exit of the coarse honeycomb grille;

    5. Wind turbine Specifications: Wind speed maximum of 250 cubic meters min, fan motor power 5.5KW;

    6. Fan Frequency control device: 3 phase 380V power 5.5KW;

    7. The air duct adopts ball screw, servo motor drive mode, can adjust angle automatically;

    8. Air Duct Adjustable angle range of 0-35 degrees, to meet the ISO 12468 method B and Method C;

    9. Equipped with impeller-type wind speed meter 3, precision for 0.1m/s;

    10. Radiant surface size of radiation plate is 600mmx600mm;

    11. Ignition method using spark ignition mode, while providing thermocouple monitoring radiant plate surface temperature state, when the radiation plate appears extinguished, the gas can be automatically cut off, to avoid combustion in the state of the gas leakage;

    12. To provide small stainless steel tube burner, can be used in wood shavings combustion test;

    13. Wood duo Fire Gas burning device 1 sets;

    14. Provide video surveillance device 2 sets.



    ISO International Organization for Standardization: ISO 12468-1: B - 2013,ISO 12468-1: C – 2013

    EN European Standard: ENV 1187:t1:2002



    Dimension: 2100mm (L) x 1900mm x (H) x 900mm (W)

    Weight: 318KG
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