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    Description of  Digital Display Force Gauge 
    The digital display force gauge is a small and simple thrust and tension tester.
    It is suitable for push-pull load testing of electronic appliances, light industrial textiles, hardware, lighters and ignition devices, fire-fighting equipment, manufacturing, fishing gear, power machinery, scientific research institutions, etc.

    1. Hand-held design and small size;
    2. The operation is simple, and can be combined with various fixtures;
    3. Pointer indication, convenient reading, high accuracy of test;
    4. The peak hold function can be switched freely with continuous load indication;

    5. Newton and kilogram two units are displayed at the same time, no unit conversion is required. It is a new generation of alternative tubular force gauges.

    Basic functions
    Three test orders: Kgf, N, Lbf can be switched and automatically converted.
    Four-digit LCD large display can be flipped display: four-digit LCD large display, display screen can be flipped to display for easy reading, the device is on the vertical and horizontal test bench, and there is backlight display.
    Peak hold function: The peak value in the test can be captured or automatically released. 

    Auto Shutdown: When the push-pull gauge does not operate for a few minutes, it automatically shuts down to save less power.

    Product introduction

    The push-pull force meter is mainly divided into a pointer type push-pull force meter and a digital (digital display) force-pull force meter. The digital display force gauge is easy to read and easy to operate. It can communicate directly with the computer through the RS232 interface. The optional special software can also record/analyze the data waveform. There is also a digital display force gauge that can be directly connected to the printer. The test data is printed out.



    Push-pull force tester is used for push-pull load test, insertion force test, damage test, etc. of various products. It can perform tensile test, pressure test, insertion force test, split force test, pull force test, Pull-out strength test, bending force test, peel force test, extension force test, hardness test, breaking force test and switch pull-out test.

    The following is a test case
    Pulling force: The force of spring, rubber, etc. is easily measured.
    Pressure: The measurement of the operating force of the switch button, such as the pressure measurement of the button of the mobile phone/phone button.
    Insertion force: The insertion force and pull-out force of the joint can be tested at the same time.
    Cracking force: For example, the peak cracking force of new materials such as glass, carbon, ceramics, and plastics is captured.
    Pulling force: The peak value of the cans, etc. when pulled open.
    Pull-out strength: Tensile strength test of the terminal.
    Bending force: Determination of bending force of metal and non-metal materials such as sheets, plates, round bars, and wood.
    Peeling force: peeling measurement of tape, PCB, adhesive tape, etc.
    Extension: tensile testing of new materials such as rubber.
    Hardness: Test for cockroaches, fruits, lipsticks, etc.
    Breaking force: The tensile force of wires, copper wires, etc. is broken.

    Switch pull power: the contact force of the mechanical contact, pull power test.


    Technical Parameters

     Model  NK-100 NK-200 NK-300 NK-500
     Maximum load  100N 200N 300N 500N
     Scale value  1.0N 2.0N 3.0N 5.0N
     Accuracy  ±1%; stroke: 10mm
     Working temperature   20±10°C
     Transportation temperature  -27-+70 ° C
     Relative humidity   15%-80% RH

    Working environment: There is no source and corrosive medium around.

    Digital Display Push Tension Meter for Push-pull Load Test Insertion Force Test, Damage Test 0

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