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  • SL-L03 Din Abrasive Tester

    SL-L03 Din Abrasive Tester

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  • SL-L03 Din Abrasive Tester 

    Product Introduction

    Din Abrasive Tester main function of DIN abrasive tester is to test the friction of surface by a particular piece of sandpaper, After friction for a certain time, and then assess the condition of material surface, weight, volume and thickness, from this standard to assess the abrasive nature of materials.

    Main functions

    This tester is a high efficiency, good reproducibility and easy to operate, applied to test the abrasive nature of material, as such elastic material, rubber, tires, convey belt, transmit belt, sole, synthetic leather, leather and others.

    Corresponding standard

    DIN-53516; ISO-4649;

    Applicable industry

    Applied to test leather performance in shoes, clothing, luggage handbag industry, research laboratories; Commodity inspection, arbitration and technical supervision departments.

    Technical parameters

     Specimen Size  16mm, thickness at least 6mm
     Specimen Load  10N 0.2N
     Diameter of wear wheel  150mm
     Speed of wear wheel  40 1RPM
     Emery cloth Specification  60 #, seam is less than 2mm
     Testing Length  40M (about 84 rotate)
     Horizontal displacement  4.2mm/rotate

    Machine Specifications

     Test-arm weight  250 5 (g)
     Testing Load  2.5N, 7.5N
     Diameter abrasive wheel  150 450L (mm)
     Emery cloth  60 #, 425 473 1.5 (mm)
     Wheel Speed  40 1RPM
     Shift screw  6 teeth / inch
     Limit rotation  85 rotate
      Set rotation  84 rotate (about 40M)
     Return form  Electric automatic reset
     Drive Power  40W; 1 / 30.
     Power supply  220V 50Hz
     Machine Dimensions  600 330 420 (mm).
     Machine Weight  75kg

     Roll diameter  150mm
     Fixture lateral displacement  4.2mm/hoop each lap
     Rooling speed  40rpm
     Volume  95*66*31cm
     Weight  50kg
     Power supply  220V 50HZ

    What is DIN abrasion test?

    Din Abrasion Tester. The Din Abrasion Tester is primarily useful to determine the abrastion resistance of vulcanized rubber. This is against abrasive forces using a cylindrical type rotary drum. It may also be useful to determine the resistance to abrasion of other types of materials.


    What is the use of Martindale abrasion tester?

    The Martindale system tests the abrasion resistance of the fabric while in constant friction with another material. It also has the capabilities of measuring the pilling resistance which directly affects the fabrics durability and application of the material.

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