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  • FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Tester

    FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Tester

    FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Tester

    FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Tester

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  • FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Testing Equipment


    Product introduction

    The instrument consists of two parts: the control box and the combustion box. The sample is clamped flat by the clamp and placed on the bracket of the combustion box. The flame is ignited by the control box for a certain time, and the flame is extinguished. Observe the flame spread of the sample, measure the time it takes for the flame to spread a certain distance on the sample, calculate the spread speed of the flame, and evaluate the flame resistance of the sample.


    The horizontal flammability tester can detect the relative burning rate and flame retardancy of textiles, especially automotive interior fabrics. Flame retardant properties of automotive interior materials under fault and abnormal conditions.

    Product Features
    The tester is composed of a test part and a control part and adopts an integrated design, which is convenient for on-site installation and debugging.
    The shell and important parts of the test chamber are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to smoke and gas corrosion. The control system has a high degree of automation and has an automatic ignition function.
    Digital display of temperature and time, convenient observation and recording, stable and reliable use


    Standard test
    ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, DIN 75200, SAE J369, ASTM D5132, JIS D 1201, BSAU 16

    Technical parameters

     Burning box inner size  381mm×203mm×356mm
     Fire nozzle diameter  9.5mm
     Flame height  38mm±2
     Specimen clamp  360×100mm Inner frame size : 330×50mm
     Lower specimen clamp  Wire spacing is 25mm
     Mark Line  Distance from the sample ignition at 38mm, 292mm
     Nozzle Top Distance specimen surface  19mm
     Test environment  The temperature is 15 ~ 30 ° C, the relative humidity is 30% ~ 80%
     Weight  18kg


    Horizontal Flammability Tester operation video link:


    Flammability Testing Equipment FMVSS 302 Horizontal Flammability Tester

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