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  • IEC61032 Standard IP2X Test Prode

    IEC61032 Standard IP2X Test Prode

    IEC61032 Standard IP2X Test Prode

    IEC61032 Standard IP2X Test Prode

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  • IP2X Test Prode


    Product information

    The probe is made according to IEC61032 test tool 6, GB/T16842 test tool 6, IEC60529IP2X, GB4208IP2X, UL and other standards. It is used to test the prevention of solid foreign objects with a diameter of 12.5mm or more entering the device.


    Size parameters

    Serial number Skills requirement



    SФ12.5 +0.20

    Such as: with handle, length is not limited


    Product Instruction

    Apply a force of 30±3N to the lamp or the casing of the household appliance to see if it can enter. If the test finger itself has thrust , when the test finger is inserted into the test position, push the handle to the position indicated by the scale to achieve a thrust of 30N ± 3N. If the test finger does not have a thrust force itself, the thrust test can be achieved by using a push-pull force gauge connected to the tail M6 thread of the test finger.


    It is worth noting that different types of test products, test probes will be used differently, so please read the relevant standards before use, and test according to the requirements of the standard.



    The steel ball of the test probe is hard steel. Pay attention to rust prevention and careful use. It is easy to damage or rust after collision and lead to accurate size. Therefore, after each test, please apply anti-rust oil and take care of it.

    Electronic Testing Equipment IEC61032 Standard IP2X Test Prode

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