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  • Printing Sample Table CC120-Single light source, Dual light source, Three light source



    The sample stand is widely used in the fields of printing and printing, furniture manufacturing and ink color matching, and is an essential equipment for quality control in color management in these fields. The CC120 sample platform provides D65, D50, and U30 standard light sources. It is controlled by a microcomputer and can be quickly switched between different light sources. It has a timing function to separately record the usage time of each light source.


    Light source description
    Under different light source environments, the color of the object has a metameric effect, which produces different visual effects, which affects the color of the human eye. The standard sample table produced by the international standard light source can provide the light source that matches the customer's color, such as D65, D50, TL84, UV, U30, CWF, etc. according to customer needs. The life cycle of a lamp is mainly determined by the accumulated usage time and the number of times of opening. When the lamp is aging, the light is unstable, and the two hairs are black, please replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the color detection.


    Technical parameter

    Light source: in line with ISO3664 international standard
    • Color temperature type: D50 (5000K) or D65 (6500K)
    • Lamp series: dedicated to Graphica imported printing machine
    • Color rendering index: CRI=98 High color rendering index
    • Number of lamps: 36W × 4 (branch) - with light source timer


    Material: all metal material, the material is actually
    • Workbench cabinet: overall sheet metal structure, thick sheet metal, strong and stable
    One storey locker, no drawer
    • Operating table: beveled design, in line with visual observation habits
    • Hanging light source: aluminum alloy profile, streamlined design, beautiful appearance
    Imported reflector, uniform cover, uniform illumination


    Size: large size, easy to operate
    • Dimensions: 131 cm × 90 cm × 217 cm
    (length) × (width) × (height)
    • Table size: 131 cm × 90 cm (length × width)
    • Vertical dimension: 130 cm × 90 cm (length × height)

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