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    Switch Endurance Testing Machine

    Switch Endurance Testing Machine

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    Please review video of Switch Endurance Tester as below link: 


    Application of Switch Endurance Testing Machine

    This tester is designed in accordance with the corresponding provisions of GB2099.1, GB17465.1, GB15092.1, and is used to test the life test equipment of switch products for household and similar uses. This tester is connected to the load box to test the electrical life of plugs and sockets and couplers and appliance switches. This tester is necessary to test equipment for quality control and quality inspection by the quality inspection department of electrical accessories and household appliances manufacturers.

    Conductions of ElectronicTesting Equipment

    The switch and plug socket life testing machine adopts the cylinder to do the power, drive the slide assembly with plug fixture to make reciprocating linear movement, so as to complete the switch on and off action. Its action frequency and on/off time are controlled by PLC (programmable controller) and touch screen, which is easy to operate and reliable to control.

    Main Technical Paremeters of Switch Endurance Testing Equipment

     The number of test materials             

     Six stations, including first and second stations are rotary switch test, third or fourth stations are rocker switch test, and fifth or sixth stations are push-button switch test.

     Test speed

     Button switch: 5 ~ 60 times / minute adjustable; rotary switch 1 ~ 10 times / minute adjustable ( Note: once for the reciprocal a cycle ).

     The number of tests

     1 ~ 999999 times can be set.

     Turn-on time

     0 ~ 999.9 seconds (minutes) adjustable.

     Disconnection time

     0 ~ 999.9 seconds (minutes) adjustable;

     Rotation speed

     5 ° ~ 360 ° / S can be set

     Rotation angle

     5 ° ~ 7200 ° can be set

     The number of gears 

     1 ~ 10 gears can be set

     Rotation mode 

     Clockwise rotation, stepper motor precise positioning

     Power supply

     AC220V / 50Hz.

     Use environment

     Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 85 %, no violentshaking, shock, vibration, and non-corrosive air places.

    For more details about switch endurance testing machine please click PDF