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  • SL-E11 Box Compression Tester

    SL-E11 Box Compression Tester

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  • SL-E11 Box Compression Tester

    Product Introduction

    It is mainly suitable for all kinds of  big corrugated cartons and other material packages which anti-pressure is less than 50KN, It is used for testing the whole box anti-pressure, and stacking pressure. So it is ideal testing equipment for paper-making, packaging, quality-inspecting department and so on.

    With advanced mechanical structure of a pair of threaded shafts &guide pillars and imported motor for control, the testing machine has the following salient features: Good parallelism, reliable measure precision and high speed.

    The testing machine is capable of various functions for all parameters in standards, Such as parametric test, display, memory, statistics and print function, Data processing function to gain the statistical result of all parameters directly, automatic reset and fault diagnosis function and easy operation.


    Technical parameters

     Capacity  10KN-50KN
     Strength Precision  ±0.5% of the applied load value, from 0.4% to 100% of the load cell capacity
     Resolution  1/300,000
     Precision of displacement  0.01mm
     Platen Size  800mm*800mm (can be ordered)
     Test Space   800mm (can be ordered)
     Crosshead speed   0.05—500mm/min (arbitrary setting)
     Weight  800 kg
     Power Supply  220V, 50Hz, single phrase

    What is the unit of Box Compression Test?

    Box compression strength characteristics


    Units = N. Compression The paperboard's (intrinsic) strength maximum load bearing capacity (short span), FC: per unit width. Units = kN/m.


    What is compressive testing used for?

    Compressive testing shows how the material will react when it is being compressed. Compression testing is able to determine the material's behavior or response under crushing loads and to measure the plastic flow behavior and ductile fracture limits of a material.

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